Fresh Off the Boat 2×14 ‘Michael Chang Fever’: Pog debts


Pretty sure this is the second time pogs have been mentioned in Fresh Off the Boat and I welcome more as they were one of the biggest crazes for kids in the 90’s. One of the biggest wastes of money aside, Jessica worried too much about Emery’s future while Evan and Eddie bonded over a gambling problem.

After the younger boys take one of those career aptitude tests and Emery’s comes back with “flight attendant” as the result, his mother worries. Really though, that’s one of the coolest jobs, but according to her, they are the “homeless of the sky.” I get that when one kid runs in telling you they’re going to be a doctor and the other says they’ll be something you view as less, it can be worrisome – but you have to support your kids and their dreams. That didn’t fly with Jessica as the success of tennis pro Michael Chang sparks an interest in tennis for the Huang family and it turns out…Emery is a natural at it. A natural that will soon learn from special guest star, Billie Jean King playing who else? Herself!


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Since mom and dad were catering to their tennis prodigy, they let Emery have Eddie’s room and that only made the older and youngest brother bond a bit. Turns out the cutest of the bunch got himself in some trouble when he was gambling with borrowed pogs. I love that Eddie and his boys were ready to throw down over this whole thing and how dumb Eddie thought the whole thing was – the game that is, once he learned it wasn’t just about collecting. I’m with him. I never played because I didn’t want to lose my Power Ranger pogs…no way! It was cute when he helped him get out of his debt, but I was also relieved to see grandma back. I was worried because we hadn’t seen in in a couple of weeks.

Another note was the importance of representation. We saw how excited Louis was about Michael Chang on TV and then saw his same excitement for a referee back in the day. It’s interesting that not much as changed in that sense. Here we are in 2016, 20 or so years after this show is set and we’re still lacking in terms of diversity in movies and on TV. Look how much attention Jeremy Lin got a few years back when he started making noise in the NBA. While some may not see why minorities smile when they see their own in the media – we have to because in most cases it’s still rare. Back in the 90’s I was over the moon about Shawn and Angela on Boy Meets World because there weren’t any couples representing the type of family I was in, or the kind of relationship I wanted. I still get all emotional over interracial couples on TV. So I’m with you Louis, I’m with you.

In the end Jessica was banned from the tennis courts for harassing the referee, of course, and Emery took home the big win. Instead of wanting to pursue it further though at a place four hours away from home, he and his parents were okay giving up the sport. Mom couldn’t let him go without butting into his career choice once more when she pushed Space Camp on him. She just can’t help it and I love her for it!

Wonder if these careers are hints at what these kids end up doing because Eddie tells Evan about being a stockbroker. Imagine picking a career at that age and actually seeing it through as an adult. Today I’d be a lawyer because that’s the earliest thing I can remember wanting to be when I grew up. What did you want to be back when you were about 10-years-old? Let us know and see you next week!

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