Fresh Off the Boat 2×13 ‘Phil’s Phaves’: Mixtapes


Being that I have had a music site of my own called Golden Mixtape for some years now, this episode personally made me smile. What’s cuter than compiling a group of songs that mean something and then sharing them? In my world, nothing. This however can go horribly wrong when the mixtape lands in someone else’s hands. That was the nightmare Eddie faced this week on Fresh Off the Boat, and while he was dealing with that – his parents were facing their worst critic ever, literally.

Mixtapes weren’t a product of the 90’s. Remember when Adam dealt with this in The Goldbergs? Come to think of it, this was a very similar plot to that. Eddie and Adam both made their special girls a tape and then it landed in the hands of the wrong woman. In Eddie’s case, it wasn’t his mom’s but a girl named Reba who was not his boo Allison. Instead of just admitting the mistake, both boys went down the stupidity route to try and fix their problems. In the end both were fine. Thinking about this – ABC, can we expect to see this in Black-ish in the near future?

Lack of originality aside on the network’s part, Louis and Jessica had to deal with Phil. Can I just say this is one of the most annoying characters – ever. Everything from his smug little face to the way he presents himself is horrendous. He makes me cringe and I was not happy to see that he was back this week. Neither were the Huangs after he gave their restaurant a bad review online. So this kid was Yelping long before there was a Yelp. The Huangs tried to fight back, but taking someone’s computer mouse, they learned, will not stop someone from using the internet. The best part about all this was the dialogue it opened up about cyberbullying, which is not what they called it but basically that’s what they were talking about. It’s insane to think that not too long ago these were all new ideas in infancy that have just come to be the norm.

Side note, I will say that Eddie and his neighbor girl have surprised me. I would’ve never guessed he’d get over that crush and I tip my hat to the writer’s for letting him move on and not remain in a puppy-love-crush-mode forever. I thought it was interesting though that she was kind of hurt that he never made her a mixtape. Interesting how the tables may have turned, like an inch.

It wasn’t the best from Fresh Off the Boat, but it wasn’t the worst. I think whenever they put that kid in, I am more likely to tune out and not pay that close attention.

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