Fresh Off the Boat 2×10 ‘The Real Santa’: PC Christmas


Was the ‘90s really about being that politically correct? Maybe I didn’t notice because I was a mere child then and the Power Rangers seemed pretty diverse in my eyes, but nonetheless, Fresh Off the Boat took on who Santa really is in their holiday episode and it wasn’t the greatest we’ve seen from the Huangs.

Yes, Jessica as the female, Chinese Santa with a leased car was pretty funny but my heart wasn’t pulled this week. Those are the moments I love about this show and I didn’t get that with this one. What we did get was the debate over who Santa should be. Most of the world would agree with Louis in that he should remain the jolly, white man in red. Jessica on the other hand made some great points calling Santa “labor, not management” and calling him uneducated. The thing is, Santa should be whatever the kid wants to believe. Growing up we never believed some fat dude came into our house at night. When you think about it, you’d then have to believe that poor kids were the “naughty” ones since they likely got less or nothing at all compared to the kids whose parents had jobs with 401ks. I’ve never thought about that until now. With that, I don’t think I will allow my child to believe in such a thing now.


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Moving on, the whole ordeal at the school brought up the idea of being politically correct. In that, Santa couldn’t be anything but a blob as it had to be religious free, gender free and whatever else they thought may offend someone. Hilarious yes, but that’d be the oddest holiday performance to go to. Here’s the Merry Blob kids! Are you the type of person who steers clear of things because of their religious context and whatnot? If so, why?

On a lighter note, Eddie and Evan spent the entire time in their own little world trying to get their mom the perfect gift. Maybe “sampling” a Tupac song wasn’t the best idea…What’s the best thing you’ve ever gotten your mom? I’d have to say it was an essay I wrote about how my dad’s actions made me love and appreciate her more. She still has it in her giant hope chest in the living room to this day – maybe? I hope.

While this episode of Fresh Off the Boat wasn’t my favorite and I’m sure I’ll forget it by the time I watch Grinder later tonight, it did make me think a lot about how I’d raise my own kids one day.

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