Fresh Off the Boat 2×01 ‘Family ‘Business Trip’: Hidden fees


Usually when a show is centered around kids, they take the summer vacation off just like us and we come back to a new school year. Instead, Fresh Off the Boat invited us into their summer by starting off their second season with how they wrapped it up. After months of doing nothing, Eddie and the rest of the Huang’s join dad on his annual business trip. All Eddie wants to do it have a story to tell, all Louis wants is to have this trip to himself.

Everyone wants something awesome to share when they come back from summer break. Eddie thinks his Reebok Pumps are all he’ll need, instead they were worn by an old dude and MTV declared them uncool. With a week left he decided that he’ll take on a wild ride at Gator World while vacationing with his family.

Now this isn’t your typical vacation because for one, Louis hadn’t planned on his family going and two – Jessica made sure to rule the roost. When she loosened her reigns, it all went downhill. Meanwhile Evan lost his last baby tooth and inherited Emery’s Vans; goodbye velcro, hello laces. All these changes led to a diminishment of his “brand” of being Evan the baby. While I loved Eddie trying to do something grand and Jessica’s war with the hotel, this was the best storyline of the premiere and it may’ve been overlooked.

Photo Source: ABC

Photo Source: ABC

Growing up is inevitable, and it only gets worse as you get older and more responsibility comes with age. Evan is still a kid, but forever being the baby of his family – the idea of growing up isn’t just about losing a tooth and learning to tie his shoes, it’s about losing his place in clan. If he’s not the baby? Who is he? The truth is though, the baby will always be considered so. Ask my 22-year-old brother who still lives at home. Meanwhile, the middle child (aka me) is a struggling freelance writer working check to check, barely staying afloat. Emery may be the cute one now, but that middle child syndrome has to kick in sooner or later.

Another aspect to point out was when Louis said that he could be who is he because Jessica is the way she is. That reminded me of one of the best Modern Family episodes. It was the one where we saw how opposite the couples were, but in the end the dreamers need the realists to keep from flying away and the realists need to the dreamers to get off the ground a bit. It’s all about balance in relationships because if you lean too far one way, it’ll topple over and turn into a mess. We saw that here when both Louis and Jessica had no cares, their hotel bill went through the roof. Jessica had to go back to her good ol’ self to solve the problem.

In the end Jessica was her usual self, Eddie didn’t have a cool story to tell but was cool because his neighbor considered him a friend, and Evan figured he’d always be the baby.

Something to point out overall though, the real life Eddie wasn’t narrating this episode, in fact it was Evan that did so at the start. There is word that Eddie hasn’t recorded any of the voiceover work for this season and there are no plans to. He came out earlier this year saying how he did not like the show, and that it didn’t paint the right picture but rather a happier life than he had. While his name is still attached to a producer’s credit – it’s safe to say he doesn’t have too much say one way or another.

Eddie being done with it aside, I still think this is one of the funniest new shows from last season.

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