Fresh Off the Boat 2×09 ‘We Done Son’: Ruff Ryders


Eddie learned about the real gifts in life and Jessica learned about the importance of compromise when it comes to friendship on Fresh Off the Boat. While it wasn’t the greatest episode of the series, it had its fine moments that made me laugh and one that made me tear up just a bit. Also, can we start a campaign to get Constance Wu an Emmy for her role as the matriarch of this family?

With his girlfriend’s birthday around the corner, Eddie figures that he needs to save up and get her a $50 necklace. He then gets a job helping out…DMX? I missed the part when he was actually playing himself but, what? It was a random occurrence but made sense for the hip hop obsessed character. What I loved was that DMX was this gentle soul who was wise about women and taught Eddie it was about presence, not presents when it comes to birthdays. Which, is semi-true. While I appreciate my boyfriend is always there for me and never ceases to be my better half, I love presents. Not necessarily on my birthday though. They feel sort of forced then, right?


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While Eddie was hanging with DMX and learning about love and life, Jessica was dealing with her own relationship problems. Honey was right all along. We can’t have bacon at our open house, but you can spend $500 on a fortune teller? What I loved was the fact that Jessica tried to act like nothing happened. We seen that in New Girl last season when Jess and Ceci fought over a purse. They shined a light on the all-too-well passive aggressive behavior a lot of women experience with their friends when they’re mad at once another. Rather than talk it out, you talk behind their back for a bit and then let it blow over. Honey wasn’t having that with Jessica after her BFF cut her out of her life. I liked that Honey stood up for herself, but then they made up at the end after Jessica realized she was in the wrong and apologized.

Adding to that whole friendship plot, Grandma Huang came into the picture and painted a portrait for Jessica of what it’s like to have to always be right – it’s lonely. Are you the type of person who would rather be right than have a ton of friends? While it’s nice to be on top all the time, sometimes you have to suck it up and move on so the friendship can remain fine. It’s like when you have one way of living and your friend has another – just because you’re on different paths, doesn’t mean you have to never intersect. People change with time, and you can either get used to the changes in the wind or get blown away.

Again, this wasn’t the best episode of Fresh Off the Boat in terms of laughter, but Evan owned it when he returned Honey’s things to her. Him and Jessica are by far the best characters who carry that show to greatness each week.

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