Fresh Off the Boat 2×08 ‘Huangsgiving’: “Cranberry, stingy berry”


Because the only thing to watch on Thanksgiving is football and parades, everyone is rolling out their holiday episodes this week – Fresh Off the Boat included. Jessica’s sister has always hosted Thanksgiving, but this year their mom has decided Florida will be the place for the big dinner. Huangsgiving is a go, but of course it couldn’t go as planned or else what would be the point and it wouldn’t have been funny if things had worked out.

Oh no, things were far from perfect from the start. Connie said her marriage was on the rocks – making everyone think she was just saying that to get attention. Like when she got hit by a car or had Lyme Disease. She wasn’t lying, but being her…she did want to see her sister’s dinner go up on flames. Well, there would’ve been flames but the turkey was cold as ice, the cornish hens were alive and the cranberries proved to be one of the worst foods ever. Seriously, why is that even a thing, and who made that a traditional part of the meal? Homemade or from a can, it’s useless.


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Anyways, what really messed the whole thing up was Louis getting blackout drunk with his brother-in-law. See kids, this is why we don’t drink the night before a big event. It will bring nothing but failure – like putting a turkey in the oven and forgetting to turn it on, or inviting your old timey neighbor over for some football. My only wish was that we could’ve seen Jessica really lay it on him when everyone left. Can you imagine how bad she yelled for his behavior?

The best part of the whole episode had to be every moment Edde interacted with his cousin. Remember the one who used to like rap but then switched to grunge? That kid is ever changing and this time around he was straight edge ska…I’ve heard of both separately, but together? Also, can we get Eddie a black girlfriend in the future? It’s clear that’s his preference, at least when it comes to celebrity crushes. Who about died when him and his cousin’s compromise on the sexy lady to look up was…Tracy Chapman? Also, we have to shout out Evan and Emery and their budding careers as interior designers with huge anger issues. Emery challenges Adam on The Goldbergs for best kid actor currently working.

Thanksgiving is great because there is an abundance of food, but like Huangsgiving, it can be a major pain dealing with family. However, love them or hate them – they’ll always have your back (for the most part) so say thanks for them, enjoy your meals and see you back here in December!

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