Fresh Off the Boat 2×07 ‘The Big 1-2’: Pogs!


Last week on American Horror Story: Hotel Countess said one of the most poignant things in a long time on that series. It was something along the lines of being two different people; the version the world needs us to be and then who we really are. The point being that we all wear masks on a daily basis to make it through. It’s obvious no one is the same person at home that they are at work. It’s all about which mask you wear and on this week’s Fresh Off the Boat, Eddie was sick of how his parents viewed him. So much so, he lied about not wanting a birthday party. This also drove Evan and Emery to the dark side.

Turning 12 isn’t a big deal but for some reason it was the birthday Fresh decided to go with. Almost a teen, Eddie tells his parents that he doesn’t want party. When they go to surprise him at the mall they see he actually planned himself one with his friends – and Mitch. Louis’ reaction to Mitch was award winning. It’s when they confronted him that the story really started to unfold. Eddie confesses that he doesn’t feel like he can’t be himself when he’s at home. One, because his parents already have a vision of who he is and two, because of all the rules that restrict him.


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While Eddie was admitting to this, Evan and Emery were dealing with the same thing on their end. Only, they were tired of being overlooked for being good. This is where I could relate. Being the book smart kid between two boys who didn’t like school, my mom’s attention was always focused on them and I kind of fell by the wayside. I got used to it and my good grades started to just become expected; so there was never anything to celebrate, but when my brothers did something – cue the ticker tape parade.

On top of all of this, Eddie learned that rules and structure are what he needs after a few hours at Dave’s chaotic house. It goes along with my way of thinking – no one would survive with another family. Once we’re set in our ways, it’s hard as hell to adjust. Do I wish that I would’ve gotten more attention for doing well in school? Yeah, but would I have wanted to grow up with any of my friends’ parents? Oh no…Our parents may have ideas of who we are and we may have to wear certain masks around them, but that’s all apart of growing up and in the end it shapes who we are as we get older.

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