Fresh Off the Boat 2×05 ‘Miracle on Dead Street’: “Tic Tacs to the face!”


Taking notes during this Fresh Off the Boat was hard because I was really invested in the comedic chops they brought out this week. Grandma as Garfield and that sickly kid as Jim Carrey’s The Mask, those were priceless moments that are still making me giggle well into this hot afternoon. Jokes aside, this Halloween episode was about family in the end, as the Huangs had to band together to take on one of the worst enemies during this holiday; teenage boys.

The house Jessica and Honey flipped is all done but a danger looms. The horrendous group of teenage boys planted across the street who have quick tongues and aren’t afraid to use them. If Constance Wu doesn’t get an Emmy nomination for that scene where Honey has to hold her back from whipping, hitting and pepper spraying those boys – what’s the point? That was hands down the hardest I’ve laughed at this show so far. In the end her family came to stand by her side after the threat of an egging was set in place. It was cute and I’m glad the kids still got to have their night trick-or-treating as well. However, what I didn’t like was the fact that Jessica is going to get screwed for not believing in “magical worms that eat wood” because that termite problem was not a lie…


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Something I noticed through my laughs was the fact that Louis is so in love with Halloween, but is completely clueless when it comes to scary movies. Because Field of Dreams has ghosts, he thinks it’s a Halloween movie. Then he had no clue who Evan and Emery were when they walked out in their Silence of the Lamb costumes. He loves it so much, but his good nature is too sweet to really know horror.

Also, we can’t really leave without noting the show’s nod to the ‘90s in their costume choices. I have to say Eddie’s neighbor, the kid with the daddy issues, he owned it with his odd choice. What kid would’ve picked that? To each their own though. I am also glad that of all the rappers, Eddie chose one that was comical rather than being a thug.

Great Halloween episode, but I’m interested in how The Goldbergs will do this season!

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