Fresh Off the Boat 2×012 ‘Love and Loopholes’: Goober Grape


With Valentine’s Day less than a week away the Fresh Off the Boat decided to celebrate by teaching us a thing or two about romance and the importance of a nation made up of rhythm. Yes, they paid homage to Janet and even had some special cameos, all the while Emery was learning the ins and outs of love when it comes to his parental units.

It’s not hard to notice that Jessica and Louis aren’t the most romantic pair we’ve ever seen on TV. Ricky and Lucy had more sexy times between them and they slept with a nightstand between them. While we all know their love isn’t the most sensual, but for Emery – they are the best couple to have ever existed, or so he thought. When Honey and Marvin volunteer to watch the boys so Louis and Jessica can have a nice Valentine’s night out on the town. They make these elaborate plans and Emery is all smiles until he walks in and sees his parents doing…their taxes. Hey, for those two – that’s as sexy as hell. Their son doesn’t see it that way.


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Meanwhile Eddie is trying to impress his girl with Janet Jackson tickets. That is until his friend is the one who wins, they end up getting their tickets stolen and have to listen to the show outside the venue. Eddie should’ve never said he had something that wasn’t 100%. That’s 100 times worse than never having the tickets in the first place. His girlfriend was way more understanding than I would’ve been. If that was me and Janet was Backstreet Boys – Eddie and I would no longer be holding hands in the halls. Just saying. What I did like was that the actual Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis popped up to make the kids’ day, but then let them down when their free tickets were behind a pillar. I love how that’s almost always a scenario in sitcoms. When in reality, I’m pretty sure no venue would be that horrible and put seats right behind something like that. I’ve heard of obstructive view, but dang – that’s too much.

Speaking of too much, a game of “Dare or Dare” led Evan to telling Honey about Marvin’s first, first wife that she didn’t know about. His reasoning for not telling her was cute, but I liked the story about the eggs even more because that is what being in love with someone is all about. It’s not about those huge grand gestures or the passionate nights in, it’s the little things that matter most. Like when you fall asleep after eating your eggs, and you wake up to more because your wife knows you’d want more. With that in mind, Emery realized his parents may not be able to make out in front of him, but that doesn’t mean they lack romance. Every couple shows their love in different ways. For Honey and Marvin it’s an endless supply of eggs, and for the Huangs, it’s making sure their family is taken care of in the most affordable way.

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