Franklin & Bash 4×07 ‘Honor Thy Mother’: A real motherfu…


Remember that time I watched Franklin & Bash, actually enjoyed the whole episode and then my laptop decided to shut down and lose my notes? Ugh, technology fail – but thankfully it’s only the next morning and I still have some of the laughs and drama in my head. Let’s see, the boys deal with Franklin sleeping with Bash’s mom, save their favorite diner and realize that Pindar can actually score with hot women.

So last week left us with the biggest shocker, but kind of not really because we could always see that little spark of sexual flirtation between the two, of Franklin and Colleen sleeping together. He obviously felt horrible about it since that may be rule number one in “bro code.” I’m not up to date on all that but I’m pretty sure banging your best friend’s mom is definitely in the top 10, possibly top five. So did you think Bash was as okay with it as he seemed when he realized his friend was a real motherfu…? I didn’t. Just like in their cases – there’s always some show to perform to get inside the head of those they’re against. I loved how he wanted Franklin to date his mom and not just consider her a one night stand. Then I felt bad when Colleen didn’t think their childlike behavior was funny.

You have to wonder if her storming out will come back into play again, or if by next time she’ll be cool with all that went down at that awkward dinner.


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In between the boys handling that situation, they took on a case that hit close to home. That diner we often see them at was about to get shut down due to a C ratings. Then you find out roaches were an inside job and wondered – who the hell orders roaches? I’m sure if you just left food out they’d come naturally. Anyways, that all worked out in the end. I like episodes like this where the case doesn’t take up a majority of the time. It leaves more time for the boys and hello, Pindar!

Everyone’s favorite weirdo was back as a guest star this week and he announced he was moving out for good and getting married. He’ll still be in California so we have to hope that he’ll pop back by every once in awhile. The best part of his return wasn’t that the boys didn’t believe his Belgium fiancé was real but the friendship that quickly blossomed between him and creeper Dan. I take that back, this was the first episode that I actually liked that character and I think it’s because he showed some sort of humanity towards Pindar, and wanting the boys to like him. They do, but like all of us they’re scared of him as well.

Also,  kudos to Mark-Paul Gosselaar for directing this one and Breckin Meyer co-writing it; a first for Gosselaar and the second time for Meyer.

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