Franklin & Bash 4×01 ‘The Curse of Hor-Aha’: “I have the body mass of a teenager”


Summer shows are like one night stands who want more. You have fun but the details are a little fuzzy when you get a text from a name you’re not quite familiar with. Well that’s how I feel with Franklin & Bash. I enjoy every season but then when they come back I’m like – what the hell happened and what’s going on now?

Last thing I remember is that Pindar started a fire and they were at war with Rob Lowe. None of that was really mentioned in the season premiere so where are we now? Stan’s out due to some embezzlement drama and working as a mechanic – yup, the old dude is getting gratification working with his hands. Karp moved on to another firm and apparently Rachel is in Croatia. Carmen’s gone and Pindar is helping a friend find a lost wallet. Meanwhile with Stan out Franklin and Bash are in charge and their new junior partner Ellen is not happy about it.


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Confused as me? Well after I figured who was still around and who was MIA, I actually started to enjoy the episode and the quick quips of Franklin to Bash. If I were to make a top 10 list of the top bromances on TV, these two would likely be in the top 3. That aside let’s talk about the case at hand this week.

Franklin and Bash started out with zombies, which I thought was someone’s dream, and then they got to their crazy client Mason. Oh Mason. You thought he was a stand up dude, an archeologist done wrong – but then he was a telemarketer without a real degree claiming conspiracies about old professors being against him and trying to steal his cursed mask out of his storage locker. I was with Bash as soon as his real job was revealed. I couldn’t believe his locker had anything more than some old cuckoo pills he’d forgotten to take. In the end they won the case by proving Mason was a bit off his rockers and the locker…well it did indeed have a very valuable mask.


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Let’s get back to the structure of the show though because I think this shift in exiting characters and addition of two new ones is going to change this season and I’m not sure if it’ll be for the better. They ended up hiring a younger Rachel-minded at the end who will definitely ruffle feathers. Then there’s Dan. I don’t know about you, but he was strange and I didn’t like him one bit. Like Pindar was weird but in an endearing way, unlike Dan – who I feel will murder you any second. Then there’s Ellen, who we know from past seasons for being a mean gal and sleeping with Franklin. Now she’s a key player and I like that, but only if all her scenes involve Franklin’s sarcasm aimed at her.

So that’s my thoughts after one episode and I hope that once the dust settles and new characters find their place, things get a little better because really the only thing holding my attention this week was Franklin’s quickness.

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  • laizly

    it’s a real shame in Pindar & Carmen – i know the guys that plays Pindar got a new show (Sillicon Valley) and is probably out for good, but what happened to Carmen? Plus it’s a short-filmed summer show, I’m sure people can work around a schedule on it… I love the addition of Ellen, but I still miss Hannah and Janie – S1&2 were the best, because they were the most connected (like the story has been going on for years and they just decided to show us) and Season 3, especially with Heather Lockhart was a hit and miss for my taste. Gotta hope Ellen will carry all the missing ladies.