Franklin & Bash 3×09 ‘Shoot to Thrill’: Cocoa Puffs of love


Where do we even start? There were bounty hunters, Damien going insane and finally – the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Rob Lowe!

Let’s start with the case. Is it just me, or is it getting easier to solve the cases? Like with Hugh Laurie on House, you can see the moment when Franklin and Bash get that twinkle in their eye and their case is about to take an unconventional turn. Okay, so it wasn’t so obvious before this week’s episode, for me anyways. Right when the toy went off, I knew they were going to use the bean bag defense. Didn’t expect Bash’s face to suffer at the hands of a bean bag, but it was funny to see him date with that busted face, so much more on that in a minute. Back to the case, it was good to see the guys take things out of the courtroom and play cops and robbers. It’s good to know they can play mind games anywhere.



So the date, first off why and how did the guys meet these girls who looked like they were barely legal? Second of all, why did Charlie get so mad when she saw Bash there? She’s the one who wanted to end it, so tough cookies Little Miss Aussie. Team Charlie, everyone was gunning for you and then well, heartstrings were tugged at.

Other than Bash’s bashed face and the case, Damien tried even harder to win people over by changing everything that made him who he is. He literally let his hair down, dressed casual and even rocked some puka shells. He actually looked better that way, but like Franklin and Bash, I too missed the uptight Damien. Thankfully he returned to his original form by the end, but something tells me Rachel likes him either way. She was totally going to tell him she wouldn’t mind another kiss at the end until he cut her off. We can only hope that storyline comes back around.

Then what was up with Franklin and Swatello? Bash is the one who takes love too seriously with his guitar and Maroon 5 mixes, but it looks like his buddy will be the one to actually land a love of his life first. The hateful yet loveable tension between Swatello and Franklin makes each of their scenes the most memorable. You’ll never think of Cocoa Puffs the same, right?



Back to Team Charlie, or rather ex-Team Charlie. It’s hard to decide whether she upgraded or not since she’s shacking up with…Rob Lowe! Yes, we finally got to see the neighbor who’s been the guys and Pindar’s enemy and we saw way too much. Bash is going to go for Lowe’s jugular next week.

Can you believe we’re already at the end of this season next week? Hopefully we find out what Stanton meant when he was telling Pindar he was valuable, see where Charlie’s feelings lay and see more of Rob Lowe. He might be the enemy, but he’s too pretty to ignore.

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