Franklin & Bash 3×6 ‘Freck: You can’t be in our gang


Who would’ve guessed Bash was such a baby when it came to a little blood? With the guys defending their buddy Robbie in a murder trial, you had to guess that they’d win since they rarely lose – but getting to the end was still a plot filled with one too many twists.

You can never guess where Franklin and Bash’s cases are going to go once they start. So it seemed clear that Robbie killed his roommate Freck over jealously. He’s engaged to Freck’s ex-girlfriend, there was blood everywhere and Freck was missing. All signs pointed to Robbie, until you learned that he and Freck were known for punking one another. Just when you think you solved it, you’re only five minutes into the episode and an episode of Franklin & Bash can never be that simple, can it?

Every week you sit and think, I could be a lawyer. Franklin and Bash never color inside the lines, as advised by Rachel and it seems pretty easy to pull out all the stops like them to prove a point. The photo shopped pictures of Pindar with their opposing counsel’s wife, amazing. Yeah it landed them in contempt, but it was worth it.



Cases aside for a second, dang that Aussie. Finally learned her name (Charlie) and got to know her daughter and she might be leaving? By the way, her daughter, Tess, is totally crushing on Pindar, right? Back to Charlie – one side of me wants her to leave to San Francisco and never look back, but another part of me doesn’t want Bash’s heart to break and actually wants to see one of the guys in a healthy relationship for more than a second.

Since we’re on the subject of love, someone needs to get Franklin’s 8th grade soul mate Hailey Moore on the show. She could be one of their clients, but with a new last name because she’d gotten married, or she could be a man and then they figure out who she is after they dig deeper into her past. You’re welcome TNT, I just wrote you a storyline.

The current storyline though took such a turn when Pindar became the best witness, the guys were right not to put him on the stand. No one would believe that story, no one. Thankfully everything worked out for Robbie though. Once Pindar saw Freck, I knew Franklin and Bash would once again reign supreme in the court room no matter what.

Thoughts on Damian, he was a bore fest again. The only redeeming thing he was a part of this week was when the guys mocked him about his intern; “…where my intern buys the stick in my ass.” I’d say bump him out of the show, but he’s so fun to laugh at, he’s needed.

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