Franklin & Bash 3×10 ‘Gone In a Flash’: Watch Exclusive Season Finale Preview Clips!


We got two clips to share with you from tonight’s season finale of Franklin & Bash. Are you excited? You should be. Last week we finally saw Rob Lowe. After a whole season of threats from their less than perfect neighbor, we found out he’s out for blood and he’s already stolen Bash’s lady. We also saw Rachel have some slight feelings for Damien. Here’s to hoping we get a lot more of that in the finale. But for now –the following clips, we see that someone’s out to get Franklin and Bash, but who?

The guys are in an intense ping pong battle (never working those two) when they get a visit from someone doing an investigation on them. Their visitor even mentions Lowe, so can we assume the well-structured neighbor didn’t send this reinforcement? If he was questioned, Lowe might not be behind this…

Franklin & Bash “Gone In a Flash” Preview

The same visitor goes to talk to Pindar and in the ever-so-awkward Pindar fashion, he gives him a hard time about being there. Who wants to bet that the investigator didn’t get much out of his “brown brother?” Or did he? The picture above looks like the guys aren’t pleased with their OCD ridden friend.

Franklin & Bash “Gone In a Flash” Preview #2

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