Franklin & Bash 3×10 ‘Gone in a Flash’: He comes with his own aura


It took a minute to calm down from the hormonal overload from the season finale of Franklin & Bash. If Mark-Paul Gosselar and Breckin Meyer weren’t enough, this is the week we seen Rob Lowe in the flesh. Yes, last week he was on a video, but this week he was in the same room as the guys and it was magical. Okay, now let’s talk about where we’re leaving off this season.



Bash got himself a lady this season and it was an Aussie named Charlie. If you failed to almost die of laughter when Bash’s “Don’t Go, Hate You Goin’” turned into “Go, Hate You,” then there’s no reason for you to watch this show. It nearly brought me to tears, but not as much as the end of the episode; more on that later. So Bash and Charlie have a Say Anything moment and there’s no official goodbye. This can only mean we can expect her come next season. Most likely her job up north will fall through and she’ll end up being Bash’s John Cusack once again mid-season in 2014. So let’s not feel bad for Bash, he’ll have other girls and eventually be with Charlie again.

Then there’s Pindar Vs. Lowe. He wanted to sue the OCD stricken lad over a drone that landed on his deck. Really, that’s why…sure it’s not about the couch? Pindar goes free from that but since his hard drive was taken into evidence – footage of him doing that fire magic trick pops up.

Meanwhile Damien’s dreams came true and he got an interview for the judge position. Oh yeah, and I was right. Rachel did want in his pants, only did she really? She sells him down the river and spills all his negative attributes to the board to better her chances at the judge position. So did she really want him after all? Even if she did, there’s no way that’ll be a healthy relationship after Damien’s drunken, public lament to her. With neither of them landing the judge job, we’ll see where they take their love, or lack of, next season.



So Pindar the arsonist – Franklin, Bash and even Carmen don’t know what to think and were pissed at Pindar; which they totally had the right to be. Imagine losing all your things because someone’s stupid magic trick went awry. Thankfully it was a Franklin and Bash case and instead of having insurance fraud on their hand, they proved their insurance investigator was just some crazed St. Elmo’s Fire fan who was trying to meet Rob Lowe, and the case got tossed out.

The last scene was a mix of one too many emotions. Tears were on the verge when there was a chance that Pindar left the country to save Franklin and Bash in the fire case, and then I got the vapors when Rob Lowe showed up to the house party. Can he please be a more permanent resident of the show next season?

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