Franklin & Bash 3×08 ‘Out of the Blue’: Meteorite man


Damien was still able to stay relevant this week. Even he couldn’t make being charged with murder seem boring. So let’s start there. Damien’s a lot of things, a sour puss, stiff and not much fun, but you’d never figure him for a murderer, so it was obvious when watching that he couldn’t have killed the judge. Then Stanton went against him, his own uncle. That was a little messed up of him, even if it was Damien on the line. You don’t toss family under the bus like that.

Stanton was the one person who could get Damien’s good name back, but nope. What’s the deal with those two? Glad to know he won’t be going to jail for murder, but now he’ll likely never be a judge. It’s like Stanton doesn’t want his nephew to ever surpass him in the courtroom. There’s got to be some truth and backstory to that family feud.

On the lighter side Franklin and Bash continued to use their wit and charm to win their assigned case and even the one they weren’t given. Why doesn’t Rachel just give them every case? It’s not like they can’t make magic with nothing. They proved a man should keep his meteorite with a pitching machine and even got Damien his plea deal back by igniting whatever fire there is between him and his uncle. They’re magical lawyers or something.

Heather Locklear’s Rachel is usually on point, but this week there was something off about her. She was all business and no cattiness. That was a letdown. You want her to be the raging bull, but you also want to see her kitty cat side to humanize her. This week she was just out for the money and nothing else, a little financial bird on Franklin and Bash’s shoulders. Someone else from her past needs to pop up to open her up.



Carmen also needs more openness. We saw her interested in a potential serial killer a few weeks ago and this week she got a little guy time, but she needs to get a steady boyfriend and have more depth to her. Not only because the character needs it, but because the audience deserves to know a little more about her.

Last note, Charlie, the hot Aussie – is she gone now? Bash mentioned being ready to get back in the game, so it’s safe to assume she’s already sold the house and moved up north. Let’s hope she comes back at some point to shake things up.

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