Franklin & Bash 3×07 ‘Control’: Hey batter, batter



Every week we learn something new about Bash and his “if I wasn’t a lawyer” life. First a musician and now a baseball player? He’d make a very fine baseball card, but judging from his batting stats, he wouldn’t have made it past his high school team. It’s best he went the way of the law, even if he and Franklin bend the rules more often than not. This week they were pretty tame as far as the stunts go, but success! Damian finally got interesting.

The guys encounter a heckler at the minor league field and are pretty slow at cracking the case, so was I. That poor pitcher, he seemed doomed when he got bat happy with the heckler. Like Franklin and Bash, I too thought the heckler had to be being paid by an opposing team. That made more sense (at the time), than the pitcher’s own teammate screwing him over. Talk about bad sportsmanship.

We got a little peak into Rachel’s personal life with her older brother showing up. No one just stops by their family’s law office without wanting legal help, right? I mean isn’t that the only time we ever see Bash’s mom, exactly. When Rachel threatened to blow her brother’s cover and he mentioned faintly he knew about her cheating back in the day – that was intriguing. Then it was a letdown. All she did was rig a beauty pageant? Did anyone else want something a little more, um, juicer?



Speaking of, Damian finally did something worthwhile. He blew up at the judge after weeks of ridicule and I guess smack talking his golf swing is the last straw. Yes, it was one scene, but that’s the most I’ve cared about Damian in three seasons, and it’s only going to get better. He’s going to be facing some murder charges next week, yes! He clearly would never kill anyone. Damian’s a pansy who is as straight-laced as Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory. There is no way he killed the judge. The judge just told him he was giving him his seat when he retires. Damian had nothing to gain from murder, only everything to lose. There’s an explanation for it and I’m sure Franklin and Bash will find it. Wonder what they’ll pull out for this one. No doubt they’ll be ecstatic to hold this over Damian’s head for the remainder of the series.

Damian was actually more interesting than what’s going on with Bash and Charlie. Bash taking her to court over the tree was a cute move, but where’d the song go? We better get to hear it next week, along with why Damian was standing over a dead judge.

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