Franklin & Bash 3×04 ‘Captain Johnny:’ Rob Lowe’s Couch


Reasons to watch Franklin & Bash: laughter, a love for lawyer dramas and shirtless Mark-Paul Gosselaar. This week had a grand abundance of all three. The boys set another with Rachel, only this time nudity isn’t part of it and there are also pirates, psychics and a war with Rob Lowe.



Bash gets into it with a fellow surfer, verbally of course because he knows not to get physical. The fellow wave rider works for the Fish & Wildlife. One minute they’re sworn enemies and the next Franklin and Bash are agreeing to help out the surfer’s friend Johnny about a fine. He got it for gross negligence after he went out on rough waters and had to be rescued. He swears he could handle waters that rough, so wants to fight that.

Only problem with Johnny is that he can only pay them with tuna. This doesn’t fly with Rachel, who has a psychic to defend with Damien. More on that later because first we have to talk about the bet between Rachel and Franklin and Bash. The boys don’t think it’s fair she gets to defend a psychic and they can’t defend a fisherman, so whoever’s case raises the firm in a more positive way wins. The stakes, if Rachel wins the guys have to be in their office by 8am for 6 months. If the guys win they don’t have to come in until 10am when the surf’s good.

Rachel enlists Carmen’s help to get some insider info on her psychic’s former employer. They need to find out if she was fired for supposedly being a psychic or if it was something else. Meanwhile the guys lay all their eggs in one basket, a parrot’s, after Johnny pukes in court. Turns out maybe he couldn’t handle those waters. They hit a break when they figure the distress call made about Johnny came from his competitor’s office because there was no logical boat sounds in the background.



While the psychic fails to showcase her powers at first, Carmen’s investigating proves that the psychic was fired over something else. Franklin and Bash convince their judge (lovely guest star, John Ratzenberger) to let their key witness be Johnny’s enemies’ parrot. That parrot causes the receptionist to sneeze on the stand and what do you know? Her sneeze was on the call recording.

Both Rachel and the boys win their cases but who comes out on top? Franklin and Bash of course, Rachel tells them some surf terminology and they head out giddy. Oh and Rob Lowe? There’s a new fancy couch in the house and when Pindar questions the guys about it, they admit they got it from the side of the road. Come to find out it was Lowe’s and he was just airing it out. When Stanton questions Franklin and Bash about it though, they think they’re in trouble – nope he says keep it. He hates that guy.

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