Franklin & Bash 3×03 ‘Good Lovin’: Mozzarella sticks


Sex sells. That’s one thing that’ll likely never be proven false. From this week’s case to shirtless lawyers to one of this year’s hottest liplocks, Franklin & Bash; sex sells. Only is this case we aren’t so much selling sex as much as we’re helping out with it.



While Franklin and Bash are enjoying some beach time, a total mental throwback to Saved by the Bell’s summer special, Bash gets a call. His mom’s been arrested for prostitution. You’d think it were true since we cut to a scene to Bash’s mom, Coleen, is dishing out sex advice to other ladies of the night. Coleen swears there’s been a mistake, she’s a sex surrogate; big difference.

The pair agrees they have to find the DA on the case, Ellen Swatello. Franklin does and after Ellen says she’ll talk to her advisor, Hewitt, about dismissing the case, the two get to talking. The sworn courtroom enemies head back to her place for some adult fun they deem “hate sex.” Their night of passion doesn’t bring many results as the case heads to court. You think things are going to work out for Coleen when her prostitution charges are dropped, but nope, she ends up being charged as a pimp; apparently a bigger crime.

Bash swears Hewitt’s up to something but can’t prove anything. Franklin’s told to continue to sleep with the enemy to get info and that he does. Before that, Coleen bonds with Rachel in a big way. After Rachel admits she hasn’t had sex in six years, Coleen plants one on Rachel and the boys walk in. Franklin can’t help but get hot and bothered. Who wouldn’t?



After the guys hear Coleen giving legit medical advice to one of her clients, they know an angle for their case. Their side gets stronger when Ellen’s pulled off the case and transferred to Lancaster traffic court. If you’re aware of where that is, it’s cause for revenge. Ellen swipes Dewitt’s emails when she’s cleaning out her office and gives the drive to Franklin and Bash.

So Coleen’s medical testimony in court is enough to see her as a medical gal and when Hewitt is called to the stand, he backs down and dismisses the case. He winds up being the one sent to Lancaster, while Ellen gets to stay after someone put in a good word to her. Sadly Ellen ends up going wine tasting with some other lawyer, leaving Franklin a little hurt. He compares her to mozzarella sticks; so bad for you, but you can’t help it.

Other important things to point out so you’re not lost, Damian gets a heads up from Rachel about getting a judge recommendation from a soon-to-be retired Densdale. Only Densdale wanted a date with Rachel first. You can guess how Rachel reacted. Pindar also comes up with some conspiracy theory against their neighbor, Rob Lowe.

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