Franklin & Bash 4×10 ‘Red or Black’: Fishy destinies


After a season of a lot of misses Franklin & Bash go out with a pretty entertaining, telling and emotional season finale. Stanton faced destiny, two couples faced romantic realities and the boys faced a life changing opportunity.

Our favorite kooky boss man Stanton heads out of town to Vegas to complete his destiny that says he’ll die in 48 hours. He then enlists the boys to bring him a suitcase filled with $150k and some cufflinks he wants to be buried in. After all the evidence I totally believed he’d taste that fish and die at the dinner. Then he didn’t and I thought all was well. Way to throw a curveball at us with him choking on that fish cracker – but did he die or did Karp find him before it was too late? Destiny is a tricky girl now, isn’t it?

Before Karp headed to Sin City he and Anita took their relationship to the next level – HR. I like those two together but it’s clear that she was not feeling it after their first head to head case. You could tell by the look on her face in their last scene together that she was rethinking the whole thing. I bet we start season five with a breakup. They weren’t the only couple on deck though…How much did your heart swell when Swatello barged into that chapel looking for Franklin and Bonnie? Also, how did she manage to find him in that city…aren’t there like 23135123 chapels there? Anyways, I was overjoyed those two worked things out in the end but then my heart was quickly broken with one phone call.


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Bash doesn’t see any problem with going to work for The Chive (whatever the hell that is) in Austin, but Franklin does. I’m with him. They’re the bosses; his girl is in LA and Austin, really? So they place their fate on a roulette table and the season ends. Again, a season with more duds than wins and they end with this…now we have to sit and hope this gets renewed or it’ll be like when Popular ended and we never knew who got hit by the car, or Guys with Kids – who did Jesse Bradford choose? Yes, I’m still wondering about these things.

So I’ll end with some predictions for next season (if there is one)…Franklin and Bash will stay in LA because really, them splitting up wouldn’t make any sense. Look at About a Boy – maybe they’ll split for a second, Skype a little and Bash will come back in the second episode because his friends are more than that, they’re family. Hmm, Stanton…I want to go unexpected and say he bites the dust leaving Karp with the firm and no one to love because Anita is going to drop him. Oh, WAIT! What if Bash does leave for a minute and then Franklin and Swatello move in together and then it’s drama when he moves back…? Okay, see you next summer boys…

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