Franklin & Bash 4×09 ‘Spirits in the Material World’: Boo!


Just this afternoon I learned someone watches Franklin & Bash. I then wondered if they were seriously liking this season or if like me, they were watching it as a task and because it’s been years – so why not keep up with it? So what even went on this week…let’s see the guys got into the supernatural and Anita and Karp faced one of her old frenemies. Oh, and Franklin may’ve moved on from Swatello – sadly.

The guys’ case this week was based around a haunted house and that was just a bore. The only thing that made it interesting was that we learned Bash cannot handle being spooked, an old friend came back to woo Franklin and Cloris Leachman got to guest star as the creepiest old lady ever. Seriously, when you look like that, you can’t pop up in a supposed haunted house.

The whole thing with Anita and Karp continued to brew as he went with her to a class reunion of sorts where she had to confront an old friend who screwed her over. I was really surprised she was ready to throw down with that girl. She always seems like such a goodie two shoes that follows every rule, even the ones that haven’t been written yet. All of her and Karp’s interactions are just busywork until the inevitable happens. How many more episodes until these two hook up?


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Speaking of hooking up, who would’ve guessed Bonnie from a couple seasons back would pop back up and that she’d be interested in a bite sized lawyer like Franklin. I love him, but I’d definitely work my nonexistent magic on Bash. Nevertheless, they flirt the entire time and never hook up exactly but do make out. I’m wondering if she’ll be back for a long run because in reality Danielle Panabaker is on The Flash.

I do like that Bash pushed the issue of Swatello on his boy though at the driving range. I love those two together so you know what Panabaker? Head back to The CW because our guy needs to be Ellen. They are meant to be. By the time this show wraps I bet they’re married and Bash is their kids’ weird uncle who will never settle down.

Next week better bring something that causes more interest.

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