Franklin & Bash 4×08 ‘Falcon’s Nest’: Game of Thrones Ruins Lives


Obvious suspicions about Anita and Karp were on point, Ellen made a friend and the guys helped two grown men with an adoption that was just odd but when it comes to Franklin & Bash you’re never really that surprised by the case or the outcome.

I hate when there is more than one case going on at a time on this show because I really only pay attention to Franklin and Bash’s for obvious reasons – it’s the one that gets the most screen time. Well Karp and Anita teamed up to fight an airline for a scientist but the real chemistry was between those two…like it wasn’t obvious they were going to have a thing. It went a little far when she told the guys that Karp was fun. Fun, is that the right word to describe him? I mean, I’ll admit he’s one of the best characters but fun, hmm…that’s the words of a girl looking for some bedroom action.

Okay, side note – I didn’t care for Anita until this week because we found out she’s one of us. She’s a TV fanatic and missing the Red Wedding on Game of Thrones ultimately led to her and her fiancé breaking up. If that’s not a TV nerd, what is people?


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So a little more about Anita because this was a huge week for her. Not only did she realize her crush on Karp but she made a friend out of Ellen. The usual stone cold lawyer actually accepted an invitation to have drinks. I was taken back to Super Fun Night for a second when Kimmie finally broke down a wall with Kendall.

While Anita was having a great week the guys were helping a younger guy fight for his right to stay at the retirement home he’d lived at with his late grandma. I have to ask anyone…was that case necessary to go to court? I’m not too familiar with law but what was up with the adult adoption thing? It was way easier to go the route they eventually did BUT why didn’t they just say that the younger dude had to be the older one’s caretaker…not father? I thought that was weird and I’d like to have some Pop Up Video law facts along with some of these cases to know they aren’t writing out of their behinds for the sake of well, nothing.

Now that there is some type of girl friendship on the show – can we have them battle Franklin and Bash soon? Also, when it comes to the guys debate – which one do you think is more the sidekick between the two?

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