Franklin & Bash 4×06 ‘Dance the Night Away’: Commoner


Last night I actually chuckled, was happy and even got a little shocked with Franklin & Bash. Could the dry spell be over? They were great last week and this week, while wasn’t as interesting, was still entertaining with strippers, puppets, mama drama and a reunion.

Bash’s mom Colleen needed legal help for her exotic dancer friend Cindy. The dancer hurt herself and the manager refused to pay her bills and later got her banned from dancing anywhere in LA. The guys then unionize the dancers of the night, but in a very interesting way – they team the strippers with an already unionized group of puppeteers…? So the guys and gals who take their clothes off for money were safe thanks to the guys and gals who stick their hands up dolls bottoms for entertainment.


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The case was actually interesting and like last week it helped transform the courtroom. Last week we did prom, this week we got a little more rated-R and made it a strip club. Oh Franklin and Bash – what won’t they do to make a point? Storyline aside…Bash became a Duke after he took that title as payment for helping a water polo player. Will this title play on and on and on for the little guy? One can only hope it helps win back Ellen BUT maybe he won’t be needing her since he full on made out with Colleen…WE KNEW IT WAS BOUND TO HAPPEN BUT IT WAS STILL A WTF MOMENT.

They kissed at the end and if they hooked up…man oh man, what will Bash do?! This couple is just as odd as the might be flames stirring up between Anita and Karp. Yeah, they’re totally going to do it sooner than later – that’s an easy one to see. Oh yes…Karp’s back for good at the firm and all is well with the world. I really wouldn’t have guessed him coming back to work there this season. I thought they’d spend it apart and then reunite at the end. I was clearly wrong. Do you think he’s back too soon or does it just make things seem right?

Also, can Mark-Paul be half naked and on a stripper pole every week? Can that just be the new norm?

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