Franklin & Bash 4×04 ‘Good Cop/Bad Cop’: “I pounded your bottom…”


What happened between last summer and this one? Did a major writer quit? I hope you guys know that until I see some improvement – these recaps are just going to be riddled with a lot of complaints and a few, “well that part wasn’t so bads.” Like this week for instance, Damien and Stanton were amazing together, while Franklin and Bash battled a dirty cop over trespassing.

So the case this week was all about getting Dewey (some guy with beach property) his property back from a big wig who’d taken it over. The guys crossed one menacing cop and spent the rest of the episode being outdone by his dirty ways. You get bonus points if you know what amazing ‘90s movie that bad cop was from. Anyone? Well I’m not going to tell you because that’d ruin it but he was as big a pain in the butt on the big screen as he was on this week’s Franklin & Bash.


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Meanwhile Stanton and Damian were at war over an uncle trying to do right by his nephew. You can kind of see why Damian was peeved. Who wants things handed to them on a silver platter their entire lives? Well, for one – the girl writing this would greatly appreciate a kernel of greatness on a napkin at the very least. Nevertheless, their rapport was on point and definitely a refreshing breath of fresh air to the usual wacky lawyer solves the case using crazy tactics we’re (I’m) getting bored with. They were at war and it was a bit heartbreaking when Damian wanted absolutely nothing to do with his dead old uncle anymore as a family member. In the end Stanton pulled the rug out from under his nephew and played him like a fool – which when it comes to Damien…isn’t that always the case?

So back to the boys, we saw a familiar face – one of Bash’s ex’s back in the mix. They enlisted Mindy the cop to try and get the win. They were successful but the dirty cop walked away free. That really bugged and I see why they did it the way they did but now that guy is free to continue being a douchebag. Whatever…Another bonus point if you could name what ‘90’s kids show the young lawyer was from. Hint, it was all that and a bag of chips.

So what was this episode big on? Well Franklin & Bash always bring the ‘90s nostalgia with Zack Morris and Travis from Clueless, bit this week they added some other (maybe) familiar faces. Other than that we have to all agree that Damien needs and should be used a lot more…

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