Franklin & Bash 4×03 “Love is the Drug”: Potheads and perverts


Usually I can sit and write these right after but last night’s Franklin & Bash was just meh. I didn’t even pay attention to the boys’ case until the end, I had no care for whatever Stan’s drama was and I’m still mad we replaced Carmen and Pindar with Dan, who was back this week.

In going to just talk about main points of the characters instead of why happened because I’m not too sure I could even recall with the help of my notes. Did they just stop caring this season? Anyways, we all know that since Franklin and Bash are in charge, things are running more like a club house than a firm. This week that was displayed by football in the meeting room and pizza for breakfast. It’s safe to say Stan wasn’t happy when he walked in on that, but does he have room to talk?


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This week he was in some riff with an old partner/friend/random person. It all ended with Stan agreeing to let this guy punch him in the gut. Only the twist and actual entertaining part was that this random person enlisted Mike Tyson to deliver the blow. The boys freaking out over the boxing icon was enjoyable, especially when they left Stan in pain to get a fan photo.

Let’s see, the guys proved in their case that love is indeed a powerful drug and that coincided with Franklin and Ellen’s…well, whatever it is they have going on between them. She gets a hotter then he’ll client and Franklin gets jealous. He then gets creepy Dan to spy on the possible couple. His spying didn’t help the jealous lawyer but did help the firm. So…a win?

Other than that I’m bummed its a summer show and their mention of cronuts was late…Oh, creepy Dan is living with the guys now. Who didn’t see that coming?

All in all I’m bored with this season. They’re not getting all they can from these characters anymore. It’s like the chemistry is shot. I can kind of see the boys bonding with the creep, but even their relationship with Stan is awkward for me. Plus, where’s the heart? Last season we had so much personal problems and not just court cases that have predictable outcomes. Let’s step it up season four!

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