Franklin & Bash 4×02 ‘Kershaw vs. Linecum’: “I’m on top tonight”


Remember that one time in reality that someone kept trading things on Craigslist and went from like a paperclip to a car or house? Something like that went on this week on Franklin & Bash. All the guys seemed to do was trade one thing for another while in the middle of a well constructed marriage that fell apart.

It seems that this season the guys are the most relatable they’ve ever been. They can’t pay their rent and have to resort to tomfoolery to make it work. If only could figure out how to do so in real life. So the guys are late on their rent so they offer their Dodgers tickets for a week extension. Only problem is that particular night – the tickets belong to Karp. So they then have to get that crybaby a dinner at his favorite restaurant. More trades go on and everything of course works out because that’s how Franklin and Bash’s life works.

I am kind of growing tired of that shtick but I will admit that when they realized they had to retrieve the tickets from Karp – I laughed. Okay, I let out a quick “ha” before returning to the madness that is their trading lifestyle.


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Let’s see, what else happened…Oh yes, the divorce. Well their client Chelsea wanted to divorce her husband. That seems normal, the usual – but her husband is that Dr. Beckman that rents a space in the firm. So they have to tackle with winning for their client and winning for their tenant. Of course they come up with some crazy scheme to make their case a success. In the end they lose Beckman and he heads to Paris. So we’re down that character but we still have that noob lawyer who is too excited about everything, Anita.

Anita won a case and after a whole episode of her, I decided she can stay. I’m still unsure on whether or not she will have some sort of romantic liaison with Franklin or Bash. Do you think they’ll write that one in at all? Also, now that I’m writing about office romances I realized that Ellen was MIA this week. So was that weird dude from last week’s premiere that kind of just did spying research. Good, I hated that guy.

Finally the guys worked hard to make sure Stan could go back to work. They cared partly because they were losing clients but I think it was mostly because they wanted him out of their his beach house.

I feel like this week was a little better than that premiere. It was just too many characters to take in and getting over the shock that Carmen and Pindar were gone. I would like Franklin and Bash to win a case in a normal way for once though – or get a little more humanistic because I’m digging them being a broke. Well, broke with a beach house.

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