Forever 1×20 ‘Best Foot Forward’: The price of art

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I officially can’t stand how good this show is. I quit everything, and all I want to do in my life is obsess over everything this TV program has to offer me. Obviously, that won’t be a stretch.

Those last ten minutes though!!!! That wasn’t just a bomb you dropped, but a whole nuclear war!
I know because of how up in the air everything is with the next season that they would want Jo and Henry to inch closer together, and I’m still not 100% keen on them as a couple (mostly because EVERY crime show does it), but they do have really nice chemistry with each other. They’ve really grown as great friends, and I love that Henry was so happy that she was with Isaac.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

I’m guessing that if anything happens between the two right now, it’s going to be more on Jo’s side because Henry wouldn’t even date Molly because of his loss of Abigail.

So, I’m kind of glad that Jo’s confession was more of teaser than anything.

I do feel so bad for Jo though because she seemed so close to professing how she felt just before the whole world probably fell down on Henry. To hear that his wife of so many years who disappeared off the face of the earth was finally traceable had to be such a shock wave to him.

We know that Henry hasn’t found the closure he needs and has been distancing himself from people for that reason, so I hope his closure will be more of a blessing to him than a curse.

How cute was Lucas throughout his little investigation though? He didn’t even know it was for Henry, but he was so willing to help Abe that he pretty much put his job in danger just to find Abigail. His scarf flip and British accent was the best part even if finding Abigail is probably going to be more heart breaking than sweet.

Well, I know I’m going to have a lot more to say about Abigail next week so I’m going to save it.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

How about the damn twist to the freakin crime?! Before they even found out that the ballerina was still alive, I felt awful for her, and hoped that she would be okay. I got so caught up in her story that while I was shocked that her brother would do something so heinous to her, I didn’t truly question it until Henry started to put the pieces together. That dang lady Amy Dunne twisted me!

Now, I feel worse for her brother than I ever felt for her, and it is so brilliant that the writers made us feel so bad for Eva just for her to pull the rug out from under us. That last scene where she gets her dose of infamy was one of the most beautifully shot scenes of the season, and I just want to keep watching it.

I absolutely loved the past connection tonight too with Henry’s “talking” sculptor friend, Valerie who took heroin to make her art better. That was cool to have that past intertwine so seamlessly with the present, to again show that it does repeat itself in various forms.

All in all this was a scary beautiful episode that is totally keeping me on edge for next week!

Oh, and I totally did not notice that Picasso and Hemingway were in the show the first time I watched it!

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