Forever 1×18 ‘Dead Men Tell Long Tales’: I can’t go on without this show

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This show is a well-conducted symphony of crime, hilarity, and a heavy dose of immortal philosophy. If it doesn’t make it to season two, I’m just going to keep writing reviews because I honestly can’t forget about this show, and how it is one of the most fantastic things I’ve ever watched on TV.

I know I say it a lot about pretty much every show I watch and review, but this episode blew away everything I watched this year (Agent Carter’s finale was a severely close second), and it wasn’t even a season finale!

Let’s just talk about the gun because I’m most excited about that.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

The SECOND he knew that there was a strong possibility that the gun he held in his lap could be the means to his permanent end, he could hear the clock on the mantel. Let me say that again as I process how huge this is: he could hear the clock on the mantel. Basically, he can feel the movement of time because as Adam said a few seconds before ‘The great curse or the immortal is that time ceases to exist. I think that’s what I miss the most; feeling like every minute, every second could be your last.’

Henry possibly has his way out now. And yes, we can definitely see that as being a sad thing (because we all love Henry), but Adam kind of did Henry a favor, while being creepy at the same time. That’s pretty much Adam’s M.O. because I don’t think he can truly be human anymore, but by giving Henry his end, he gave Henry his life again. Henry can feel time passing him again, and that passing means one thing: he can die. He’s mortal. He’s human. He’s what he always wanted to be.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

He’s a different man from the one in the beginning of the episode who told the same stories of his many other deaths (including syphilis) over and over again because of his obsession with his painful immortality.

I’m going to stop talking about all the possibilities his revelation now presents because I don’t want to turn this into a dissertation about a show with 18 episodes.

So let’s talk about how A-freaking-MAZING the whole rest of the episode was.

Now when I say I was crying during some dramatic moment, or something in a show, 9 times out of 10 I’m probably over exaggerating a little. But I have to say, when Cuba Gooding Jr.’s character told Henry the full story of what happened to the Empress of Africa after Henry died, I misted up real bad. For 200 years that man thought he failed at something he was trying so hard to help fix, but the universe decided to play a funny card, and he was able to do what he wanted to, he just never got to see the result.

That was so beautiful. I want to re-watch that scene a dozen or so times because it was so sweet and so well-done, and I’m glad that Cuba Gooding Jr. is a good guy because he’s awesome, and his choice of date music is top-notch.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Jo’s date accessory (her gun) was pretty top-notch and in need too!

Also, how hilarious was Hanson when he thought he was intruding on Jo getting down? Or when he and the captain were pretending not to listen to the conversation between Jo and Cuba’s character? Just add in breaking and entering hijinks with the best ‘fragile artifact’ in New York City, and Lucas inadvertently calling Henry a tool, and you can literally see why I need this show to last for as many years as Henry and Adam have been alive.

Well, you already know (in-depth) how I feel, so I’m not going to rehash. Instead, I would love if everyone who shares this on Twitter or Facebook to tag it with #SaveOneShow and or #RenewForever because it honestly deserves another season of beautiful stories about life, death, and immortality.



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