Forever 1×17 ‘Social Engineering’: Rename this episode: Women Getting Run Over By Vehicles

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I wonder how bad that EMT felt? That was awfully ironic. Well, I don’t know if it’s the series or the season that’s winding down, but there has been a definite shift in the mood of this show.

Remember how adorable and groovy it’s been in the last two weeks? Well, it’s time to take the training wheels off, my friends because I think the show is going to stop pulling punches and hit us directly where it hurts.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Logically, it has to happen because an immortal man whose first wife locked him up in an asylum only to come back some fifty or so years later to shoot his current lover is kind of too traumatic to make light of in this show. Add that in with the long list of people who have passed away in his life, or the ones that have left him, and it’s a surprise that Henry can actually still smile.

While this episode did bring up the issue of technology, and how much privacy we have at any given moment, I just found myself completely fixated on the speech Henry gives to Liz about the harsh reality of running away: “You may think its a new beginning, but the running never ends.”

That’s the thing with Henry, we don’t see this side of him much. Yes, he does go over the harder aspects of life in his flash-backs, and he is an incredibly wise (and slightly pretentious) man, but I think I see him as being happy where he is today, not in fear. But last night we saw that he does have a hard time, and the constant paranoia of never being able to be who he really is must have tortured him long before Nora showed up with a gun.

For some reason, this is the first time I truly felt awful for Henry. There might be some perks to being immortal, but for a man like him who builds his life around the people he loves, it’s a nightmare.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

The killer’s story didn’t make that situation any better. She felt that this one person who tricked her, ruined her life so much that she just had to end it all.

I think the whole lesson in this episode is how tenuous our little worlds are. Sometimes it only takes one person or instance to change our lives into something we never imagined. I mean Henry just wanted to go to America in the early 19th century, and he ended up immortal, so you just never know.

All in all, with a cast of characters that include Hanson relaxing, Lucas hitting on a murderer, Henry and Jo in bed together, and Abe lamenting about the Yoko Effect, the humor of the show is one of its best features. But tonight something shifted and we got to take an even darker look into Henry’s life. I just wonder where that will lead us next.


Marnie Azzarelli

Marnie Azzarelli

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