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Forever 1×15 ‘The King Of Columbus Circle’: So sweet I could die

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And I’m not talking about the King’s stomach contents in a Ziploc bag, or the fact that Lucas willingly sniffed them. Boo yah.

How cute was this episode? And I don’t mean cute in a condescending way like usual, I mean actual, heart melting, awh inspiring adorableness.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

It was the second Abe told Henry that they were blood related that I began to repeatedly say ‘ohmygoodness,’ and continued all through Henry’s heartfelt monologue on how we’re all related, and while watching the crew eat Yak soup with each other (surprisingly it was Hanson who liked it the most), and while the queen and the princess finally found a connection through the last royal heir, and all the way back to the end of Henry’s monologue telling us to treat our children like royalty no matter what age, while he covered a sleeping Abe, and gave him a kiss goodnight.

Now the only things I ever truly squee at are baby animals. It’s so bad that no one can watch Too Cute with me because I make awful baby noises and call the puppies ‘furry potatoes.’ But that is it. I never squee over humans, except maybe for the occasional baby. But holy hell, I squeed over Henry and Abe when they looked in the mirror to find how they resembled each other. I didn’t think I could ever find something cuter than a floofy kitten being adorabs, but I found it with those two men.

And this is why this show needs to last. Because it’s adorable.

I’m serious though. I might be exaggerating a little bit, but that episode did get all up in my feelings. I loved the fact that Henry not only saved the King, but even got to help save the Princess. The parallel from the Orient Express to the back of a New York City ambulance was beautifully done, and I’m so glad she survived.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

I also loved Abe talking to his Scottish relative and not understanding a word, and Lucas just being Lucas, desperately holding on to his radiation chips in the elevator, and getting search warrants to get in a club. Even the Urkesh consulate was sweet with his sneaky way of helping the investigation along.

Of course, the crime and the murder were awful, and I was really scared for the baby and Lydia, but like a lot of episodes, it was kind of an afterthought. Come to think of it, the reason Henry and Abigail didn’t have another baby was brushed aside as well. I wonder if that has anything to do with Abigail leaving later on.

Anyway there is always one theme in Forever: family. Be it blood, or not, the amount of episodes that focus on how the death of a victim affects the family or the people they interacted with are overwhelming. And I love it. The characters are the best part of this show, and I’m glad that they get the focus they deserve.

All in all, a fantastically cute episode with so much heart, I think mine will explode. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

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