Forever 1×14 ‘Hitler On The Half-Shell’: That went better than expected

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I mean Adam did kill someone in a pretty gruesome way, which is bad. But he also helped Abe find out the names of his biological parents, which is why he killed the man trying to steal the book from Auschwitz, so that’s good…I’m more than a little conflicted.

Well hello father and son themed episode. I love you. How great was the theme in this episode in conjunction with the sub-plot and the flashback? It was all interwoven so nicely that no part of the episode seemed clunky or slow-moving.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Just look at the connection between the victim who is killed by his son, and their connection to Auschwitz through the art and pieces of history the victim owned, which connects Abe to Adam since they were both in concentration camps, Which kind of connects Adam to Henry because of Abe, which connects Henry to the turbulent relationship with his father and his death right before he leaves for America with his father’s pocket watch, which connects Henry to the African man he tried to save, which connects him to Adam again because that’s how Henry becomes immortal like Adam.

I’m out of breath and I only typed that.

It was so beautiful how well done this episode was. Instead of making Adam a terrifying villain of sorts, we learned that like most people, he has depth. For once, we get to explore the life of an immortal who can murder in the blink of an eye, but who also wants to help a man he sees has suffered. I really hope we can trust this though. I know a lot more darkness can come out of Adam, but I like seeing these slices of humanity.

That’s what is always missing from stories about vampires and immortals. They seem so out of touch with humanity that think either brooding or murdering is the only route. Adam might do both of those, but he seems to be still so entrenched with humanity that he made his own kind of backwards moral code to deal with it all. I mean how long do you think you could live without murdering out of necessity, or anger, or pent up pain, or in Adam’s case, convenience? I honestly hope this show stays alive just so we could see more into the lives of these immortals, especially with how it will affect Henry over time.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

This episode was just so exciting, and even if the mystery ended on a somber note, we got to see Abe find out something that he wondered his entire life, and since we all adore Abe (because you’re heartless if you don’t) it was a great moment to watch.

I also love, love, love finding out more about Hanson’s life. Him bickering with his brother added levity to a pretty intense episode. That and the scarf flick were much needed laughs.

All in all, I can see why this episode was the highest rated one in the series. It was so seamless, so beautifully done, and so scarily intense that it deserves every gold star it gets. I think I found my favorite for the second half of the season.


Marnie Azzarelli

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