Doctor Who 8×06 ‘The Caretaker’: The beginning of the end?


I really enjoyed last night’s episode of Doctor Who, especially the second half of the episode which culminated to a rather harsh conclusion. In this episode, we found the Doctor, Clara, and – strangely enough, someone explain why she was in this episode – Courtney Woods on the moon in 2049, trying to make the biggest decision of their lives. Except the decision isn’t up to the Doctor as it usually is, but rather the spotlight is turned on the three remaining humans aboard the moon base.

First, I can’t tell whether I’m annoyed with Courtney Woods or not. She had some charming moments in the episode, (spraying the spider germ with a cleaning spray was an original thought), but it seemed a little pointless to have a teenager running around with them. She was left in the TARDIS for most of the episode – to keep her safe – and all she had to say were mundane teenage comments about the Wifi, games in the TARDIS, and uploading pictures to Tumblr. I really hope this is the last we’ve seen of Courtney Woods, because I really don’t dig the child companions. Also, when id the Doctor tell her she wasn’t special? This entire episode started off in such a strange way that it almost seemed like we had missed an episode in the middle, or at least an important scene.



I really like the idea of a creature being inside the moon, and the moon being – essentially – an egg. It was very strange and original, and it was made even better by the Doctor’s speech in the end. Although there was no really explanation as to why humans had stopped traveling to space, that seemed like a fascinating storyline I’d like to see eventually, I loved the idea that the creature made them want to travel again. If I’m completely honest though, had it been me on the space station, I would have probably blown up the creature out of fear. I guess I wouldn’t pass the Doctor’s test then, sadly.

Finally, let’s talk about Clara’s tantrum at the end. While it was extremely difficult to hear her be so spiteful and hateful towards the Doctor (who, this season, they are making quite dislikeable if you ask me), I can see why she was so angry. He left them to make a horrible decision while knowing what the outcome was all along. Sure, it would have made the episode super short had he intervened, but I did get the sense was simply watching them act out in his own twisted game by leaving them. He was like a sociopath who was watching everyone running around without a head when he could have intervened all along. I’m all for the Doctor letting Clara make her own decisions, but this decision was almost forced upon her, and she almost made the wrong one.




Also, I’m as annoyed as she is with the Doctor treating everyone like they’re inferior, stupid, and pointless. While the Doctor has often been wiser than humans, this season’s Doctor does it in a rude, derogative way. Every Doctor, since the show has come back, has held humans so dearly to his heart. He has always protected humanity, held them very high, and found their traditions amusing (but in an excited scientist finding a new discovery amusing kind of way). This Doctor has told characters time and time again that they’re not special, they’re silly, and stupid. I miss the idealistic, dreamer Doctor we had, and I think Capaldi could play a great Doctor would they give him some better lines. What happened to “900 of time and space and I’ve never met someone who wasn’t important”? I want the fighting to stop and I want Clara to have some exciting adventures with the Doctor, just as she did with Eleven.

It’s been rumoured for a few weeks now that Clara will be leaving the show at some point this season, which seems to be good news for the majority of the fans. I quite like Clara, but I feel like her character is all over the place this season. I’m not sure whether she’s going to be in the next episode, as she wasn’t in the preview at all. I think I liked this episode more than the last few ones, mainly because the plot was interested and it didn’t fizzle out at the end. I wish there wasn’t so much conflict in this season of Doctor Who, as it seems like everyone is basically being their worst right now. What do you guys think? Is the problem the charaters or the storylines?

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