Doctor Who 8×03: ‘Robot of Sherwood’: Snarky vs sassy


Snarky Doctor is the best Doctor. Especially when it comes to him in a battle of wits (or just insults, really) with the illustrious Robin Hood. Obviously The Doctor has met all sorts on his adventures, but it’s very rare for him to meet someone who is purely known as legend. Hmmm…purely known as legend. That sounds a little familiar, doesn’t it?

Mark Gastiss seems to be the ‘filler king’ when it comes to having to throw in episodes into this show. I have to say that even for a filler episode, this one is pretty dang enjoyable. The Doctor decides to indulge in Clara’s fantasy of being able to meet the legendary Robin of Loxley, despite The Doctor’s clear conviction that Robin Hood does not exist. They go back to the time in which he would have existed and much to The Doctor’s chagrin, they meet Robin Hood as soon as they exit the Tardis.



Of course The Doctor can’t accept him as reality since, you know, Robin Hood is the most crazy and unbelievable living thing he’s ever met (but not really). And obviously since we have Robin Hood in the story, we must have the sheriff of Nottingham as well. Oddly enough there’s no appearance from Prince John, which I was okay with actually. Better to keep it as simple as you can (well, as simple as Doctor Who can be) when creating another interpretation of a very prolific character since we’ve seen so many versions of him before.

So the rest of the time Robin Hood and The Doctor continue to undermine each other which immensely annoys Clara. But finally something happens that makes The Doctor more excited (since it’s much more up his alley): the guards that are working for the Sheriff of Nottingham turn out to be robots! Apparently their ship crash landed and they teamed up with the Sheriff to collect all the gold they can find in order to power up their ship. Sounds okay, but of course the robots like to destroy things and were willing to help the Sheriff in his plan to take over…everything basically, but London is his next step.



Inevitably the day is saved, thanks to the teamwork of Robin, The Doctor, Clara, and the victims of the Sheriff’s cruelty. But it turns out that Robin Hood is real. Not a robot, a hologram, or any of those things. It’s interesting to see just how much the Doctor can’t or even just doesn’t want to believe that Robin Hood is real. The Doctor is most likely so bitter and snarky towards Robin Hood for most of the episode because he is the complete opposite, personality wise. And yet they both do the same thing: help people. And they are also both seen as heroes. But the fact that Robin Hood is so perfect and doesn’t seem to have as many flaws or demons as The Doctor is why The Doctor refuses to believe he is real. It was an intriguing aspect of the episode, which makes the last scene between the two of them more endearing.



I loved Robin Hood in this episode. He is exactly what Robin Hood would be: sassy, charming, and attractive of course. But it’s such a relief from the brooding Robin Hood that certain films and other interpretations have tried to pull off. It was a nice callback to the Errol Flynn Robin Hood of the classic The Adventures of Robin Hood. And again, for a filler episode it was very enjoyable.

While this is mainly a filler episode, there is yet another very brief mention of ‘paradise.’ Apparently that was the robots wanted destination. And if we remember from the first episode of this series, that was what the robot/man was striving for. Obviously this running theme of heaven and paradise will play a big part into the latter part of the series, but I like the little mentions of it. So hopefully it will be something really cool. I’m really hoping it won’t be a let down. But so far so good with this new series. I believe this episode we really got to see Peter Capaldi shine. I have a pretty good sense of his Doctor now, and I quite enjoy him. How about you?

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