Copper 2×11 ‘Good Heart and Willing Hand’: Corky gets the gang back together to face Donovan


I’m not sure what’s in the air, but I really enjoyed this week’s episode of Copper. After two weeks of set-up, it was nice to get some major plot progression. Confrontations, showdowns and cliffhangers, oh my!

Matthew is my hero

Sometimes Copper gets a little ham-fisted when it tries to handle racism in Five Points, but this week they knocked it out of the park. After getting beat up by the racist shop owner and his friends last time, Matthew is angry. He’s not the only one, as Corky and O’Brien waltz in and destroy the guy’s shop as retribution. Matthew takes out his aggression on everyone around him. He refuses to help Corky with a case and gets short with Sara. Sara, wise awesome woman that she is, recognizes the problem and forces Matthew to confront the fact that his anger has been building for years. His only option is to face the shop owner. Either beat him or forgive him, but Matthew has to deal with it. Isn’t Sara the best?

BBC America

BBC America

So deal with it he does. I couldn’t decide during his confrontation which direction he was going to take. Matthew gives a terrific speech about how long he’s endured the ignorance of others and stayed silent because he assumed one day he’d be seen as an equal, but realizes that these ignorant racists are not his equal. He is smarter and stronger than them. Then Matthew hands the shopkeeper some salve for the head wound Corky gave and leaves and I cheered.

BBC America

BBC America

Donovan and Corky try to out-crazy each other

After unsuccessfully stopping Teresa’s murder last time, the old gang is back together and taking names. I know I give Maguire a lot of flack, but I couldn’t help and get excited to see Corky, O’Brien and Maguire back together and solving cases.

BBC America

BBC America

Of course, it wouldn’t be case solving if it didn’t involve some torture. They manage to learn (by literally forcing a stick up a man’s butt — NOT OK) that the man who bought Eva’s is just a front for Donovan and, more specifically, Norbert Morehouse. Donovan and Norbert have been buying properties all over Five Points, properties that cover about half of Five Points and conveniently interfere with Donovan’s stupid aqueduct. So yes, not only is Donovan killing people to get this bid, he’s willingly destroying his own ward in the process.

Once Robert learns of all this, he helps by getting a full list of all the properties in Donovan’s possession and does all he can to delay the aqueduct vote. It’s nice to see Morehouse Jr. being such a good guy. I missed involved, helpful Robert! Plus we all know how much I love the Corky/Robert (Crobert? Rorky?) friendship.

Throughout all of this, Corky keeps having run-ins with Donovan and drops hints that he knows what’s up. There is so much tension in these little scenes, I love it. Corky, unable to pull together any actual evidence and out of options, lays it on the line for Donovan at his office. It might be one of the best scenes Copper has ever done. I couldn’t look away as Corky brings five guns, one of which is loaded, and tells Donovan they can take turns shooting until one of them is dead since Donovan can’t be killed and can’t be arrested. Donovan is such a scum bag. He belittles Corky by saying that his thirst for justice is really just a mask for his thirst for violence, and even brings up Ellen to allude she killed herself because she couldn’t stand him. Oh no he did not! After using up three empty guns, they grab the last two guns and Donovan tries to shoot Corky but it’s empty! Which means Corky has the loaded one! Does he shoot?! WE’LL HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE. Darn you, Copper! A good cliffhanger always gets me!

BBC America

BBC America

Other happenings:

  • Teresa’s dad asked Maguire in the morgue what kind of man could kill a young woman and dump her body so callously and I laughed so hard at Maguire’s awkwardness. Y’know, cause he did the same thing! Oh, Francis.
  • Eva’s trial is not going well. I don’t think her employees showing up and being weirdly flirty helped.
  • Norbert confronts Elizabeth about her drug problems by dunking her repeatedly in a bucket of water. Have to admit I’d want to do the same thing. He seems to get through to her and she seems to be back on the wagon.

So what did you think? Did Corky take the shot? And if he did, was it the right decision? Will Elizabeth stay on the wagon? Will I get my flashback next week? What in the world is Billy Baldwin doing on this show?!

Also, if you like snarky commentary and Copper, check out Watching The Telly, who has given me a whole new appreciation for the silkiness of Corky’s hair.


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