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Constantine 1×02 ‘The Darkness Beneath’: There are those who pray for you, there are those that prey on you


This week’s episode of Constantine remains as disjointed as the last. It’s still flashy as ever – explosions, wisecracks and monsters aplenty – but beneath the shiny veneer, it lacks substance and originality.

Source; NBC

Source; NBC

First of all, nobody cares what’s happening. Constantine is shaping up to be incredibly plot-heavy and light on the character development. Watching this episode kind of felt like when your friend goes on holiday and shows you their pictures. You admire the scenery, you learn a bit more about another country but at the end of the day, you just don’t care. How does their trip relate to you at all? Similarly, the audience doesn’t have any reason to root for John Constantine. We simply don’t know enough about him to be concerned. Sure, his one-liners are amusing. But what is it called when everything he says is a one-liner? Tiring.

Although, this wasn’t so much of a second episode as it was a do-over of the pilot. All the pilot did set us up for was that through Liv’s scrying, John would be traveling all over the US solving ‘unnatural’ mysteries. So how does Constantine differ from Supernatural? It doesn’t. In fact, it’s basically Supernatural with Jack Sparrow.

Source; NBC

Source; NBC

I can’t say I’m fond of Zed yet. She seems to be quite the Faux Action Girl. You can tell she’s tough, even though she hasn’t proven herself. Must be her large assortment of leather jackets. She has a tough past, since she kept moving around and stuff. Also, she’s a smartass too! Great. You know what’s more exasperating than a character who solely speaks in one-liners? Two characters that solely speak in one-liners. The writers seem to be pushing their chemistry a little too much. The whole episode consisted of them staring deeply into each other’s eyes with the occasional glance at the lips. They even had a little meet cute. Okay, I get it. You want them to bang.

The writers do deserve credit for the premise of the episode. Who knew that there was more mythology out there that hasn’t been used in popular culture in recent history? I like the idea of a ‘good’ ghost and that John appealed to its better nature. It shows that John knows more than how to defeat the darkness, he understands it.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Did I mention that John had to solve this case alone? It’s because his friend Chas, who was impaled by a power line, has an arrest warrant in Philadelphia and is too afraid to face the cops. Yeah.

So far, Constantine is proving to be a disappointment. It reeks with ‘been there, done that’, the show has no direction and it’s incredibly difficult to get emotionally invested in this series. What makes it worse is that this isn’t a random idea. They have years of source material to refer to. The characters, plots and scares are all mapped out for them. They just need to repurpose it for television. Hopefully, they’ve gotten the bad episodes out of the way and they’ll start getting into the groove.

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