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Chicago PD 4×12 ‘I Remember Her Now’

Photo from the episode "I Remember Her Now"

The body of a fifteen-year-old girl is found crumpled at the bottom of an elevator shaft, which leads the team to the Brady Home from Troubled Girls to investigate the murder. But what began as a homicide investigation quickly turns into an inquiry into the entire institution itself. As Jay goes undercover and discovers that the girls within Brady are trading sexual favors for special treatment.

The team discovers that identity of the deceased girl is Sam Wells a fifteen year old girl that had been picked up by the Chicago Police before. Platt feels guilty because although the victim had been brought in to the precinct and spent four hours behind her desk, she does not remember her. No one will claim Sam’s body; no one cares about her or remembers her until it is too late. That’s the lesson we are learning this week. There are so many young people out in the world that have been thrust into unspeakably hard situations, so many kids with no one who cares, no one who will protect them. Even society doesn’t seem to care about them, at least not when they are still alive. It is only once Sam is dead that Platt claims her out of guilt. Finally she has someone who cares but it is too late.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

These girls feel like they are worthless. They sell their bodies to make money for when they turn eighteen and have nowhere to go, no money to their names and are kicked out of Brady to fend for themselves. They trade sexual favors as a means of self-preservation. So that they don’t end up homeless once they leave the institution. It is normal to these young women that men will always take advantage of them. That any man will want to use their bodies even though they are still just kids. Ellie is so shocked when Jay stops her advances because no one ever has stopped her before. Even more so when he gives her the bus ticket she asked for without asking for anything in return other than to talk. It is horrifying to think that there are young girls in the world today in this exact situation. That think they have nothing else to offer the world other than their bodies. And that men, grown men, will not be there to protect them but to use them for their own selfish desires.

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