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Chicago PD 4×10 ‘You Wish’

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I love it when I’m right! Not only is Jimmy not the father, but it was even suggested that Voight could be. When will Erin find out, and what will she do with this information?

Jimmy comes to see Erin at work and to give her the photo album he has kept of her for 30 years. Jay seems to think that this is the perfect time to sneakily obtain his DNA and run it against Erin’s to see if Jimmy is truly her father. Surprise surprise, he isn’t. Of course everyone assumes that Bunny is behind it. That she has some nefarious scheme. But for once it appears that Bunny is just as surprised as everyone else. When Erin tells her the news Bunny’s only concern is clearly the hair salon Jimmy was going to buy her, trying to convince Erin not to tell Jimmy. Which of course Erin doesn’t listen to. But Bunny is just as upset as Erin is, going to Voight assuming he is the one who ran the DNA test.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

This is where all the juicy details come out. Well not too juicy, not yet. But Bunny accuses Voight of stealing her daughter because he couldn’t have her, except for that one night. I knew it! Hank is Erin’s father and he always suspected it, one of the reasons he probably kept such a close eye on Bunny and Erin. Eventually seeing what a horrible situation she was in, he took Erin and raised her, but never told anyone that she actually could be his daughter. The question now becomes how will Erin find out? Because you know the writers aren’t going to set up a storyline like this without having it lead somewhere? Will this be the information that gets Erin to stay in Chicago? Her old friend Annie suggests that perhaps the cure to her unstable family life and the ever-spinning wheel of drama is a change of location. Please say it isn’t so. Not because I would miss Erin, which I would of course, but because this story is played out. In the four seasons Chicago PD has been on the air Erin has ‘left’ the Chicago Police two times, which both only lasted a full episode before she was back. Can’t the writers pick another character to fake leave? Because any mention of Erin leaving just has me rolling my eyes. It’s like the boy who cried wolf. If Sophia Bush ever actually did leave the show I wouldn’t believe it until she never came back. Even if she is considering relocating will the news of Voight being her possible (probable) father push her to leave or to stay?

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