Chicago Fire 3×05 ‘The Nuclear Option’: Totally afraid of getting cut in half

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Yesterday I randomly thought of the scene from The Office where Pam and Dwight get stuck in the elevator between floors, and then I saw this episode and prepared to watch as the elevator dropped with someone from House 51 caught in a compromising position. Thankfully, nobody was harmed, though the entire call had me on the edge of my seat.

There’s so much else going on in this episode that I don’t even know where to begin. There are multiple beefs on Truck 81, and I’m not talking about Italian sandwiches from Al’s. Dawson and Herrmann’s squabble isn’t really worth mentioning because it was resolved rather neatly by her agreeing to shadow him instead of Casey. That probably should have been the arrangement all along since he passed the lieutenant test some time ago. It’s understandable that Casey doesn’t want any harm to fall on Dawson, but I think we can say the same for the rest of her family at 51. If something does ever happen to her while on Herrmann’s watch, we can absolutely expect an issue to arise between Herrmann and Casey. Cruz and Otis’ tension is pretty much resolved also, with Boden taking a hit on a future promotion to stand up for Cruz. I don’t really understand the politics involved in the Chicago Fire Department, but that just didn’t seem right. Why should he have to give up a chance to be promoted so that Cruz could have his driving suspension lifted? Either way, Boden did the right thing and went to battle for his house.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Sylvie showed us just how well she can hang in the big city this week when she nearly beat the crap out of a burglar in her own house. I was definitely nervous for her at first because it’s never a smart move to go into a broken and entered residence before calling the cops (kids, don’t try this at home!) but she actually held her own. Her (ex)fiancée did rush to her rescue, but she chose to drink with the guys at Molly’s instead of going back to Indiana with him. Severide may be the good-time Charlie of the bunch now, but he was more than a little excited to see her walk into the bar. Now he’s drunk all the time now and we haven’t seen Erin Lindsay in weeks, I can see him and Sylvie hooking up, especially since she’s still vulnerable, at least emotionally. I don’t think we should count Mills out of the race just yet though. While we’re talking about Severide’s drinking problem, I totally think he should be cleaning up his own vomit in the house bathroom. Why would he leave that for Truck to take care of?

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Of course, there’s also the story line involving Casey’s sister and her soon-to-be broken family. Her husband has been having an affair with his receptionist for at least a year and has given her control of his company so he can hide assets from Christy…and their daughter! It’s one thing to scam your ex-wife in a divorce, but to let your own child go broke is another thing. Maybe he doesn’t know that she’s being bullied at this new public school, but he’s still a real douche. I’m not sure if we already knew that their last name was Jordan, but that’s just a little odd considering that they live in Chicago. Speaking of weird, what was with Dawson not wanting Casey to ask Halstead to look into Jim? Are we going to see some drama between House 51’s sweethearts over that fling they had?

What did you think of this week’s episode? Will Jim get away with leaving Christy penniless? Will Dawson do well shadowing Herrmann? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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