Chicago Fire 3×04 ‘Apologies are Dangerous’: I’ve never had a guy before


Obviously, Sylvie has had a guy…she just couldn’t keep him. I was wrong about her being a good match for Antonio (though a crossover episode is coming up!), but I’m making a new prediction about her falling for Mills. I know, I know, she’s back with her fiancé, but that can’t last, right? He wants to move back to Ohio or Indiana or wherever they’re from, but she’s just getting her feet wet in the Windy City and Mills is just as vulnerable as she is with his new job situation. It’s only a matter of time before the new partners are making out in the back of the rig…or her ex’s stolen car!

Speaking of hot messes, at least one good thing came out of Kelley’s drinking problem this week. Move over Chuck Norris and Macgyver, we just witnessed a drunk Severide save an EL conductor with nothing but a pack of smokes and a lighter. Sadly, he’s not much closer to getting over Shay’s death and now his job is on the line. It doesn’t help that he refuses to tell the rest of the house how he got his black eye. When Herrmann first mentioned that Casey had also lost someone, my mind immediately jumped to Darden, but then they made it clear that he meant Hallie. To me, that didn’t quite fit with Severide’s grief over Shay since Hallie and Casey were an on-again-off-again item rather than best friends, but to each his own.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Before I close, Dawson’s first shift is definitely worth an honorable mention. She claims that she nearly cost a man his life because she couldn’t find the jack handles, but I think anyone would make that mistake on their first day. Herrmann was there to teach her to think on her feet, which turned out to be her saving grace when there was no fire hydrants to be found later in the episode. I think she’ll do okay on Truck 81.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Will Sylvie and Mills ever get together? Can you relate to Severide? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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