Chicago Fire 3×03 ‘Just Drive the Truck’: We reap what we sow

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This was an incredibly intense episode, even though nobody from Firehouse 51 was in critical condition because of the accident. It was refreshing to see someone other than Casey, Dawson, Severide or Shay (may she rest in peace) at the center of the action, but I think the suspense of whether or not Molina would wake up and the possibility of Cruz going to prison for manslaughter could have been dragged into the next episode. That’s another beef that I have with Dick Wolf, that most of the plot twists in his episodes get wrapped up too nicely. A collision between two fire trucks shouldn’t be treated like the bust of the week on SVU. Since it involved pretty much the entire core cast of the show, I would have ended the episode with Chief Tiberg telling Cruz to get a defense attorney, which would have made for a killer cliffhanger. But no, Welch and Molina confessed to being at fault for the collision and Cruz gets off scot free.

In other news, Dawson is joining Truck 81 and the crew couldn’t be more excited for her. You go, girl! However, this also means that she and Casey have to wait at least a year before they get married, and that she’ll have to transfer to another house after she graduates as Truck 81’s candidate. Since Welch and Casey sort of had a moment in the hospital, I predict that Dawson will find herself back at Welch’s house, but he’ll have softened a bit and get his guys to treat her with more respect. That’s not for another year though, assuming that the show gets renewed for a fourth season. There’s no reason that it shouldn’t though, since it’s one of NBC’s top dramas but I digress. This season, I foresee issues arising if Chief Tiberg somehow finds out that Casey and Dawson are engaged.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Last but not least, Mills can no longer be on squad (or truck) because he has BPBV. Don’t ask me to tell you what that stands for, but it’s a type of vertigo and the reason he keeps fainting on the job. I was wrong in my prediction that he had inherited something from his long-lost grandfather. Instead, it was the blast from the season three finale that damaged his inner ear and gave him BPBV. Unfortunately, the doctor didn’t mention any type of treatment or cure, which was a little too convenient if you ask me. Perhaps in a later episode he’ll come across some sort of fix while researching it, but his doctor will think it’s too risky. Unlike Cruz’s situation, I’m less annoyed by the fact that Mills has decided to become an EMT and that he’s come to terms with it all in the same episode that he was diagnosed, probably because they made it into such an adorable solution. Mills meets his dying grandfather and reconciles with him, then has a heartfelt chat about filling his father’s shoes, where Newhouse tells him, “If those shoes don’t fit, it doesn’t mean you have to go through life barefoot.” I think it’s that quote that made his quick decision to get back on the ambulance okay with me.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Are you shocked that Molina woke up? Will Casey and Dawson get in trouble for hiding their engagement? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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