Chicago Fire 3×02 ‘Wow Me’: For reals?

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If I am ever trapped in a car suspended over a precipice, I think having Kelley Severide say “trust me” and “lunge into my arms,” followed by him grabbing my butt while carrying me to safety would still make it one of the best days of my life. What a lucky girl! Still, he’s not the same Severide that he was last season. He’s lost his best friend and his girl, and now he’s haunted by a blonde paramedic that’s the spitting image of Shay. Even Hermann agrees.

I’m really glad that Casey’s second proposal to Dawson came in this episode, because I definitely didn’t see it coming. They kept it simple and personal, and didn’t hint at it in the promos to give it away. It makes Dawson’s transfer falling through feel somewhat okay. However, since not every call can result in an exploding building or two fire trucks colliding (next week!), the rest of the episode was a snoozer. It did however, set us up to possibly discover some shocking truths involving the firefighters we love.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

There are two mysteries lingering in the air on Chicago Fire right now. First is the question of why Mills passed out while rescuing the two men trapped in the hole. No, not THE Hole from Scandal, though I am extremely curious as to how they found themselves there. My prediction is that he has some sort of life-threatening illness that was passed down from his father’s side of the family, and that his grandfather is currently dying of the same disease.

The second conundrum is Sylvie’s “apartment,” which looks way more like a house to me. It’s in a neighborhood lousy with homeless drug addicts, and she has piles of cash just laying around out in the open. If I were Santana Lopez, I would warn the unsuspecting heroes of House 51 that, “there is only one type of person that carries cash and a pager.” I know, there was no pager, but she’s probably a drug dealer or, like our former friend Brody Weston, a call girl.

What did you think of this week’s episode? What’s going on with Mills and Sylvie? How will Truck 81 fare after next week’s accident? Sound off in the comments!

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