Chicago Fire 3×01 ‘Always’: RIP Leslie Shay

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I’ve never been a fan of Dick Wolf, mostly because I tend to avoid classic police procedurals like the plague, especially ones that take place in umpteen different cities or departments, but man, has he got a hit with Chicago Fire. I decided this summer that I needed more beefcake in my life and binge-watched the first two seasons. I’ve been meaning to get into Chicago PD, but Voight totally rubbed me the wrong way and I haven’t really been looking forward to watching more of him as a protagonist.

Anyways, this episode was incredibly emotional and I’m still reeling from Shay’s death. I thought for sure we would have to wait until the end of the episode to discover that she’s actually just in a coma or at home sulking because she’s missing a limb or something, but I guess that’s just the Shonda Rhimes in me. No, instead they came right out and showed us that she was dead, though they left us guessing until mid-episode in regards to the status of Casey and Dawson’s relationship. I freaked out when I didn’t see a ring on her left hand, but then Casey reassured her that he’d ask again so hopefully nothing will derail that this season…other than Dawson telling him that she’s having lunch with her brother when she’s actually having secret appointments with the department shrink. If and when Casey does propose, I’ve got my fingers crossed for a flash mob.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

I will say that Severide and Shay’s “contract” reminded me of two things: Sheldon and Leonard’s roommate agreement on The Big Bang Theory and the “Always” repetition on The Fault in Our Stars. I think they could have just shown Severide gazing at that strange photo of him and Shay with a tear rolling down his cheek over it. The photo would have also been a great opportunity for a flashback, so we could have some context as to why anyone would take a picture of the two of them looking so sad. That was really weird. I did think that showing Shay’s first moments at 51 was a great tribute though.

As if we didn’t get enough new characters last season (Jones, Newhouse, Welch) Dawson is now saddled with Sylvie Brett (Kara from ABC Family’s If I Can Dream) as her new partner, another blonde girl to remind her of Shay every time she gets to work. However, Sylvie is most likely straight and a real softie compared to her predecessor, but manages to prove herself to Dawson well enough to earn the chance to drive the rig. Also, Brett just moved from Indiana after breaking off her engagement, so she’s single and ready to mingle. She seems way too nice to hook up with Severide, plus I think he still has a thing for Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush), but I think she could definitely fall for Antonio.

What did you think of the premiere? Did you predict Shay’s death? Is House 51 really cursed? Sound off in the comments below!

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