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Bones 12×02 ‘The Brain in the Bot’: Wearing clothes is advisable

Two down, ten more to go! In this week’s instalment, Brennan celebrates a milestone in her own unique way. Meanwhile, Angela finally gets her due as a scientist, and Daisy faces some pretty big decisions of her own in postgrad life. The Bones ladies, getting stuff done and taking names. Nicole L. is willing to […]

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Chicago PD 4×10 ‘You Wish’

I love it when I’m right! Not only is Jimmy not the father, but it was even suggested that Voight could be. When will Erin find out, and what will she do with this information? Shea McKeown a self professed ‘internet nerd’,spends way too much of her free time online. When she isn’t stuck in […]


Chicago PD 4×09 ‘Don’t Read the News’

This week we get two Chicago PD’s in two days. Surprise! This episode Lindsay meets her biological father for the first time. But is he really her bio dad? Between Jay’s offer to run a DNA test ‘in case this whole thing is a fantasy’ and Voight revealing he knew Bunny before Erin was even […]

CHICAGO P.D. -- "Don't Bury The Case" Episode 409 -- Pictured: Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Chicago PD 4×08 ‘Don’t Bury This Case’ Burgess the Badge Bunny

Chicago PD is back after an entire month on hiatus. And it wastes no time in getting straight to the drama. This episode starts us off with the interrogation of Kelly Severide a Lieutenant at Firehouse 51. It appears that this storyline was setup in Chicago Fire as we begin the night with Kelly already […]

BONES:  L-R:  Guest star Eric Millegan and Emily Deschanel in the "The Final Chapter:  The Hope in the Horror" season premiere episode of BONES airing Tuesday, Jan. 3 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.  ©2016 Fox Broadcasting Co.  Cr:  Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Bones 12×01 ‘The Hope in the Horror’: What’s old is new again

This is it, folks — Bones’ last-ever season premiere! After twelve years, the venerable “crimedy” is bidding us all adieu in this final twelve-episode run, and if tonight’s episode is any indication, the show is determined to go out swinging. When we last left our heroes, a thoroughly creepy serial killer was stringing up his […]

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The Walking Dead 7×08 ‘Hearts Still Beating’: The embers of rebellion

So, in the end, this half season was passable, if only barely.  The season premiere was wretched, the worst the show has ever offered.  Episodes in the middle of the season have ranged from actually very good (“The Well”) to halfway decent (“The Cell”) to rather mediocre (“Swear”).  Overall, the quality of the season varied […]

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The Walking Dead 7×07 ‘Sing Me a Song’: Negan’s world

The Walking Dead’s clearest goal right now needs to be the development of Negan’s character.  For the most part, the introduction of Negan was supposed to be the jolt of adrenaline that revived The Walking Dead, giving it energy that was to propel it through its seventh season.  Instead, Negan has been the season’s weak […]


The Walking Dead 7×06 ‘Swear’: Faith and trust

I thought that The Walking Dead was going to take my “diverse communities” idea only so far.  Alexandria.  The Hilltop.  The Kingdom.  The Sanctuary.  That’s already quite a bit to juggle.  So how much more does The Walking Dead think it can chew off?  Does Gimple really think that adding another community to the mix […]


The Walking Dead 7×05 ‘Go Getter’: Change in leadership

I can appreciate what The Walking Dead is trying to accomplish with its approach this season, even if the central conflict is so flawed as to undermine the whole thing.  These first eight episodes, thus far, have attempted to show us how different communities operate, how they come into conflict with one another, and how […]


Scream Queens 2×06 ‘Blood Drive’: Villains Unite

Last week I was worried that by introducing several tertiary characters as cannon fodder, Scream Queens would slow the plot down. But this week’s episode was hilarious and informative, allowing the plot to advance several steps ahead by revealing who was the Green Meanie. Or at least who was one of the Green Meanies. The […]


The Last Man on Earth 3×07 ‘Mama’s Hideaway’: Weirdo Family

For the past couple of episodes, we’ve watched as Melissa began to spiral out of control, undone by the fact that she killed a person. The buildup finally paid off as Melissa, unable to cope with herself, decides to leave the group. It’s a good way to bring her whole plot to a head, and […]

Photo from the episode "A Shot Heard Around The World"

Chicago PD 4×07 ‘300,000 Like/Shot Heard Round the World’

There are too many things to discuss, where do I even begin. This two-hour mid season finale is jam packed with tear inducing, heart string plucking events. One of which is that we are loosing Antonio to Chicago Law which is bittersweet. Although fans can still tune in every week to get their Dawson fix […]

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The Mindy Project 5×07 ‘Revenge of the Nurse’: Happy hundredth

The hundredth episode is a major milestone for any television show. It proves they’ve been successful enough to make it to such a huge number of episodes. Normally shows go all out to celebrate and display all the talent that got them to one hundred episodes. While The Mindy Project does celebrate in a way […]


Scream Queens 2×05 ‘Chanel Pour Homme-icide’: The cannon fodder has arrived

When we last left the C.U.R.E. Institute several weeks ago, the doctors/nurses/assorted personnel had just suffered a huge shock. Poor Special Agent Denise Hemphill had been murdered, with Chanel #5 critically hurt. The show had been building up steam with deaths of important characters like Chad Radwell, Denise Hemphill and the plot was moving along […]


The Walking Dead 7×04 ‘Service’: Abuse and violence

I usually spend my review griping about some facet of The Walking Dead, whether it’s the characters, the plotting, the dialogue, Negan, or all of the above. It’s possible, well, more likely than not, that I’m going to do some of that in this review. But why not start off positive? You know what I […]


The Last Man on Earth 3×06 ‘The Open-Ended Nature of Unwitnessed Deaths’: A little hope goes a long way

When I first starting reviewing The Last Man on Earth, I did not count on it making me cry so much. This week’s episode was a tearjerker, with the characters attempting to come to terms with the death all around them. Lewis was mourning Mark, his presumed dead partner; Tandy was still dealing with the […]

Photo from the episode "Skin in the Game"

Chicago PD 4×06 ‘Some Friend’

A young girl is found dead in a famous athlete’s home. As the team unravels the case a horrible tale unfurls. The sixteen year old, Maya Collins, is a teen runaway turned prostitute. Was she murdered by her abusive pimp, or by a violent john? No she was pushed and accidently killed by the man […]

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The Mindy Project 5×06 ‘Concord’: Moving on

It’s finally here – the weekend of Danny’s clearly doomed wedding, and it should be no surprise to anyone that Mindy is clearly upset. She has a successful business, a caring boyfriend, and a sweet child, but she’s still shaken. Danny, who she previously thought was the great love of her life, is getting married […]


The Walking Dead 7×03 ‘The Cell’: No escape

What unnerves me most about The Walking Dead, at this point, is how the writers and producers don’t really understand what makes the show good or what makes it bad.  For a long, long time, they’ve been teasing Negan as this gamechanger, this force that is going to upend the series and make it into […]


The Last Man on Earth 3×05 ‘The Power of Power’: A new home

Two weeks ago, TLMOE’s episode ended with the Tucson Crew heading towards a light on the horizon – literally. The light turned out to belong to a building that still, somehow, had electricity. From the moment they saw it, it was clear that property was going to be their new home. Their new home is […]