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Castle 8×13 ‘And Justice For All’: A nice message with an ok execution

I loved the message of this episode. Positively, absolutely. It was great that the lives of immigrants were brought to our attention, especially in the environment of hate and fear that we are currently living in. But even with all the niceness of that final scene, and the laughs before it, I just didn’t care […]


The Bachelor 19×12 ‘Week 10’ & 19×13 ‘After the Final Rose’: Snoozefest

Oh, Bachelor Nation.  I am disappointed in you.  If Chris Harrison is right and you guys wanted both Kaitlyn and Britt to be chosen for next season, only for the guys on The Bachelorettes to judge who will be a better wife, you are sexist and sad. Stephanie Shar is a freelance writer, creative life […]

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The Bachelor 19×11 ‘Women Tell All’: Just shut up and let her talk

I always enjoy this episode each season.  Even though half of it is recaps of stuff us die-hard fans have already seen, it’s a fun time.  But, at the risk of sounding sexist, 20-some girls in the same room can get a little noisy.  And it was kind of annoying that they kept talking over […]

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The Bachelor 19×10 ‘Week 9’: Time for a plot twist

I’m pretty sure we all know by now who won since fans like to post spoilers everywhere online and you can probably guess from the fact that Chris only asked ONE of the girls’ families for a marriage blessing. But it’s cool, we’ll play along because this show is too good to pass up. Each […]

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The Bachelor 19×07 ‘Chris Tells All’ & 19×08 ‘Week 7’ & 19×09 ‘Week 8’: How much Bachelor is too much Bachelor?

This week was so intense, even Prince Farming himself shed a tear.  There were not one, not two, but THREE episodes.  I had to break up my watching over multiple days because even I couldn’t handle that much Bachelor Nation.  Just in case you fell asleep halfway through, here’s what happened and why you should […]

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The Bachelor 19×06 ‘Week 6′: Three’s a crowd

You guys, this was the most dramatic episode in the history of Bachelor Nation.  That’s a fact.  (Just kidding.  I actually have no idea.  I’ve only just started watching these shows.)  At any rate, let’s delve into it. Stephanie Shar is a freelance writer, creative life coach, and newbie mother making her dreams come true […]

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The Bachelor 19×05 ‘Week 5′: Good ol’ Michigan girls

I gotta say, I’m disappointed in Kelsey.  I’m disappointed because she’s supposed to be representing us.  The Michiganians.  Or Michiganders.  Or Midwesterners.  Or whatever.  I was counting on her to show how kind, good-natured, down-to-earth we are.  But, no.  It’s all gone so downhill. Stephanie Shar is a freelance writer, creative life coach, and newbie […]

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The Bachelor 19×04 ‘Week 4’: Soules gets serious

You’re right, Chris.  It is indeed early on to send someone home before the rose ceremony, but I’m glad that you’re there for the right reasons.  Hopefully he’ll turn out to be more Sean Lowe than Juan Pablo. Stephanie Shar is a freelance writer, creative life coach, and newbie mother making her dreams come true […]

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The Bachelor 19×03 ‘Week 3′: Jimmy Kimmel is the best third wheel

I’m pretty sure they brought him on because Mr. Soules is a little boring on his own.  Let’s face it: he’s a sweet-but-burly man from Iowa who has kissed more women in the past week than he has in his entire life.  He’s good-looking, but a little reserved and very shy.  No wonder they chose […]

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The Bachelor 1×02 ‘Week 2′: The virgin, the crazy, and the drunk

So many good characters on this season, you guys.  So freakin’ many.  And a lot of kissing going on!  Hopefully no one has mono… Stephanie Shar is a freelance writer, creative life coach, and newbie mother making her dreams come true in Los Angeles.    


The Bachelor 1×01 ‘Week 1′: Prince Farming has arrived

I gotta admit, I was pretty excited about getting to review The Bachelor after The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise.  Chris Soules (not to be confused with host Chris Harrison or ex-contestant Chris Bukowski) is a kind, humble, hardworking man from Iowa.  I was actually concerned that the show would be boring with him as […]


Arrow 3×06 ‘Guilty’: Wildcats!

You know what I love about Arrow? The show has well staged action set pieces but my favorite thing about all of this is the character work. I like watching these characters get to know each other better. I like Team Arrow gathering new allies. I like spending time in Starling City with these people. And […]

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Bachelor in Paradise 1×07 ‘Week 6’: The final rose

Thank God, Graham and AshLee broke up.  I think the entire audience collectively sighed in relief.  Halfway through the episode, the only couples left were Marcus and Lacy, Cody and Michelle, and Robert and Sarah.  Everyone else packed their bags and left. Stephanie Shar is a freelance writer, creative life coach, and newbie mother making […]

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Bachelor in Paradise 1×06 ‘Week 5′: The final countdown

What a journey!  This was the second-to-last episode and at end, we were left with a cliff-hanger: there won’t be another rose ceremony, or any more new arrivals.  However, the remaining couples will be put to the test.  But how?  I have no idea, though I’m tempted to find spoilers.  Let’s recap though, shall we? […]

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Bachelor in Paradise 1×04 ‘Week 4 Pt. 1′ & 1×05 ‘Week 4 Pt. 2’: ‘Dropping like flies’

Wow, gang.  Like, wow.  Where do we begin?  Kalon and Lucy came and went, Clare left (voluntarily), Marquel left (involuntarily), Graham almost passed out, and Lacy had a trip to the hospital.  I can’t even imagine what could possibly happen next on summer’s craziest show. Stephanie Shar is a freelance writer, creative life coach, and […]

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Bachelor in Paradise 1×03 ‘Week 3’: Elise finds her rainbow

Can I just say that some of these people are WAY too clingy?  I mean, just because you went on one date with someone doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to date anyone else.  The whole point of the show is to find love, and normally it’s not at first sight.  You need to shop around! […]

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Bachelor in Paradise 1×02 ‘Week 2′: Love triangles and triumphs

Um, wow.  Can we just say that a LOT happened in this second week?  And I am really concerned about the mental health of some of these people.  No wonder there’s a psychiatrist that follows up with each person after they get booted.  Let’s dive in… Stephanie Shar is a freelance writer, creative life coach, […]

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Bachelor in Paradise 1×01 ‘Week 1’: Lust, love and Lacy

Everyone’s buzzing about this show and it’s no wonder — who doesn’t want to watch a bunch of conventionally good-looking people attempt to “find love” in a beautiful place?  It’s better than a soap opera, and surely more entertaining than real-life drama.  At least we can just laugh and not be part of the madness.  […]

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The Bachelorette 10×11 ‘Week 10’: The final rose and beyond

Here it is, the moment we’ve all been waiting for!  Okay, maybe not everyone, but those of us who somehow got sucked in to this cheesy reality show about finding love probably have.  This last episode of The Bachelorette was a live viewing party that included an appearance by both of the final guys at […]

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The Bachelorette 10×10 ‘The Men Tell All’: Favorites in the hot seat

I gotta say, I was really looking forward to this reunion episode!  Seeing as I’d watched (almost) the entire season, I was excited to see recaps and hear what the boys had to say.  I was also thrilled that my three favorite contestants were the ones interviewed: Marquel, Marcus, and Chris! Stephanie Shar is a […]