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Baby Daddy 6×03 ‘Ben Rides a Unicorn’: Hooked

What is even going on this season with Baby Daddy? In the years that have led to this point we’ve gotten really emotional with Riley and Danny but now it’s like they aren’t even expecting an actual child, basically NO ONE cares Riley is pregnant as Bonnie’s still making Tucker her partner in crime, and […]

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Girls 6×06 ‘Full Disclosure’: Becoming someone new

It’s difficult to become a new person when you’ve been something else for so long.  You worry about the influence that your old friends will have, that your old habits will have, and that even your old memories will have.  You worry that your future is becoming bleaker and bleaker with every failed attempt to […]


Baby Daddy 6×02 ‘Pro and Con’: Pretty woman

Things got real between Ben and Tucker after one thinks the other is dating a lady of the night. Speaking of real, Brad finds himself in some real trouble with the law. Also, has anyone noticed that Riley and Danny’s baby is not as big a deal as it should be? Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere […]


The Goldbergs 4×18 ‘Baré’: Lucky in love

Would you have ever guessed that Murray was focusing so much love and attention towards Lucky because he was sad about his human daughter leaving? Nope! But then again, when you break down each of the Goldbergs’ walls…I really believe dad is the most sensitive. Meanwhile, Barry was having a crisis after learning his girlfriend […]


Fresh Off the Boat 3×17 ‘The Flush’: Giant peanut

One of the hardest things to realize when you’re a kid is how knowledgeable and helpful your parents can actually be. Eddie learned that the hard way from his dad on Fresh Off the Boat, while his brothers learned that some dreams are never meant to come true. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality […]

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Girls 6×05 ‘Gummies’: “It’s being an adult that’s hard”

Girls tends to present adulthood as this vague notion of a destination, of progress made from childhood to something else.  Even when we’re legally adults, we yearn for a time when we exist as adults, when we can do adult things, whatever that means.  Really, more than anything else, we’re simply looking for progress towards […]


Baby Daddy 6×01 ‘To Elle and Back’: Dirty dog

You know your life has taken a preoccupied turn when you totally forget the premiere of Baby Daddy. Not just any premiere, THE premiere that comes after Riley announcing she was pregnant, and Tucker saying adios to New York. Which also, wasn’t Danny supposed to be dealing with a major career choice? Kendra Beltran Lives […]


The Big Bang Theory 10×18 ‘The Escape Hatch Identification’: Moocher Realization

Raj went from being my least favorite character right ahead of Stuart due to his inability to grasp reality to being not so bad on The Big Bang Theory in a matter of just a couple of episodes. Interestingly enough, there was no real this and that to this episode as everyone’s concerns kind of […]


The Goldbergs 4×17 ‘Deadheads’: JTP RIP?

One cannot stress enough how much ABC needs to start pushing The Goldbergs more and more because in all honesty this and Speechless are they owning it this season. Anyways, once again this show was able to balance the heart and the laughter as Barry learned how important the JTP was, while his family realized […]

Fresh Off the Boat 3×16 ‘Gabby Goose’: RIP Biggie

The last time Fresh Off the Boat got this deep, Eddie was back when the season began and Emery was joining him in middle school. Eddie broke it down about stereotypes and made us all take a step back. This week he did it once more, but by dealing with death from the perspective of […]

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Girls 6×04 ‘Painful Evacuation’: Remember who you are

If there’s one thing that Millenials reject wholeheartedly, it’s the idea that there’s an identity passed to us that we should subscribe to.  We don’t like being told that we’re supposed to live a certain life, that we’re supposed to be a certain way, or that we’re supposed to fit some idealized form of “adulthood”.  […]


The Goldbergs 4×16 ‘The Kara-te Kid’: Heartbreak

After all we went through with Erica and Geoff on The Goldbergs, they went and pulled the plug just like that?! Maybe it’s because I’ve never seen The Karate Kid (say what???), but that was way more crucial for me this week as this show seemed to pay a pretty big homage to one of […]


Fresh Off the Boat 3×15 ‘Living While Eddie’: Baby to Scary

Ever since I was little, I have loathed whoever was in office for messing with TV time. Yeah, Fresh Off the Boat wasn’t interrupted and we got a new one, but nights like this just throw me off and I needed to vent a little, okay? Just like Jessica thought she had to lie about […]

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Girls 6×03 ‘American Bitch’: Becoming an adult

We’re not just one person.  We think of ourselves as individuals, as people with distinct personalities, when in reality we’re a bunch of identities and personalities at odds with one another.  We’re white, rich, and disabled.  We’re black, queer, and poor.  We’re Latinx, undocumented, and a business-owner.  Those personalities and identities intersect to create the […]


The Big Bang Theory 10×17 ‘The Comic-Con Conundrum’: Growing Up

Well that was quite the episode of The Big Bang Theory, now wasn’t it? Again, people think this show is a onenote sort of thing, but that’s because they fail to see the depths in which these characters have actually grown and continue to do so. I was skeptical of going past a tenth season, […]


The Goldbergs 4×15 ‘So Swayze It’s Crazy’: Finally

It’s been a rough couple of months for Erica on The Goldbergs. After years of brushing off Geoff, she was finally into him – but it was too late as he had finally moved on. We watched last season and into this one as the brokenhearted teen lost herself for a minute, but regained control. […]


Fresh Off the Boat 3×14 ‘The Gloves Are Off’: Mount Brushmore

One of the first people to ever make me love television was Heather Locklear. I was obsessed with her on Melrose Place, and to see her tonight on Fresh Off the Boat made my heart smile. Playing a heartless ex-wife who actually grew to have compassion, she is a guest star we need more of. […]

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Girls 6×02 ‘Hostage Situation’: Finding yourself

In today’s era, being in your 20s has shifted towards this state of purgatory.  Those in their 20s are legally adults, are supposed to inherit an amount of responsibility that those in generation past have inherited.  They’re supposed to pay their bills, cook meals for themselves, clean their own apartment, get a full-time job.  Maybe […]


The Big Bang Theory 10×16 ‘The Allowance Evaporation’: Spoiled secrets

We circled back to the root of why Raj bothers me on The Big Bang Theory this week. He’s spoiled AF. While we were seeing Raj’s silver spoon shine bright, Sheldon was learning what he should and shouldn’t talk about with the lunch lady. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing she’ll marry […]


The Goldbergs 4×14 ‘The Spencer’s Gift’: Bottled farts

Getting a job as a teen is something I completely skipped. Wish I hadn’t, but at least shows like The Goldbergs will always be there to show the good and bad side of an after school responsibility. Whether they teach you about passion or give you a push towards what you really need to be […]