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Castle 8×22 ‘Crossfire’: Always

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Well that was…something. I mean, yeah with that thing in the middle there, where that old dude turned out to be LockSat, and then something happened. And yeah….


Really? REALLY? You have them both pretty much die, and then suddenly they’re perfectly safe and it’s seven years later and they have like twenty kids and that’s what you’re giving us? No explanation of how they were saved or whatever, just the totally cop out of them being alive. Really?

I’m not saying I would’ve rather them be dead, but wouldn’t it have been amazing that after the moment they were both shot, they cut away to the first moment they met, and then maybe added a little mystery in there like maybe a webcam video of Castle popping up going “It’s not over” or “surprise b***h” or something? Or like those two holding hands on a beach, or hell just end it with them bleeding on the floor without ever knowing if they lived or died. Why couldn’t a mystery show end with an actual mystery? Why, in God’s holy name, couldn’t this show end with something other than a scene that was probably shot last week to be added on the end because they knew the show was definitely over?

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

And what’s killing me was that the story for the episode was uncharacteristically strong for this season, and even the LockSat reveal wasn’t as big of a letdown as I actually thought it was going to be. No, it wasn’t perfect because I hate that LockSat storyline with the heat of a thousand suns, but it wasn’t as ham-handed as I figured it was going to be.

And let me just say this was THE BEST acting I have ever seen out of Nathan Fillion, and the fact that he isn’t on TV anymore demolishes my heart.

But nothing compares to that ending. Look, I understand how hard it had to be to craft a perfect ending episode when you weren’t even sure if the show was actually over, but there were much better ways to handle what happened.

I mean, I spent 8, mostly happy seasons with this show, and I’m sorry, but those last few minutes were such a disservice to all of those years of great TV.

All in all, I’m just going to pretend this last season didn’t happen at all, and that Hollandar’s Woods, which was a BEAUTIFUL finale, was the one that actually finished the show. The end.

Marnie Azzarelli

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