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Castle 8×21 ‘Hell To Pay’: It’s all for you, Richard

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I love the creepy episodes. Because they’re not creepy, really. It’s like when children shows have a Halloween episode. They’ll show some skeletons and maybe a smiling pumpkin, but it doesn’t get much scarier than that. That’s what this episode was, a little spooky with a bit of blood and some doomsday predictions, but it wasn’t too scary.

Actually, why didn’t this episode happen during Halloween? It seems way more appropriate, but I digress.

Like the last few weeks of episodes, this one was pretty good, and that’s about it.

It had an interesting storyline, a few good laughs, and a pretty twisty mystery, but I found myself only really paying attention to the first and last ten minutes, and even when I did, I wasn’t that invested in the story.

What I did like the most about this episode was not just its fun and creepy atmosphere, but the fact that we don’t really know if the guy at the end was the Antichrist or not. I mean he didn’t deny it, and he’s devilishly handsome.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Go ahead and end the world, you beautiful man.

That was really it though. Oh, and Kate scaring Castle which is always adorable, but with the whole drama going on behind the scenes I couldn’t really enjoy it fully.

I know, I know, I’ve been ragging this series since I started to review it, but honestly I don’t think there is so much to be said anymore.

The show is going on past its expiration date, and while characters like Hayley and Alexis keep things afloat with their humor and sincerity, it’s not much to keep a show going forever.

Now I will watch and review next week, and while it seems obvious that something either terrible or stupid is going to happen, I’ll still hold out hope that this show can somehow redeem itself at least one last time.

Marnie Azzarelli

Marnie Azzarelli

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