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Castle 8×20 ‘Much Ado About Murder’: For never was a story of more woe

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Than this of Castle and his card YOLO. God, these fun episodes are really getting to me. I’m pretty sure I laughed through most of this episode, and it wasn’t just because I’m a huge dork for Shakespeare and theatre in general and every tongue in cheek reference made me giggle. Oh no, I think it was every single one of Castle’s facial expressions that got me through this one.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

God bless the person who staged this episode like some wild Shakespearean tragedy all with blood, sacrifice, villains, and those zany jester characters that we all enjoy no matter how ridiculous they are…Yeah, I’m totally lookin at you and your flower dance Ryan.

I honestly did enjoy this episode though, and I kind of wished it was longer. Check that, I just kind of hope that that El Oso story line pops up again because it was the funniest freaking thing I saw all night. Dude was ready to go all “Misery” on Castle and I was 100% there for it.

Just the fact that El Oso is an absolute psychopath and wants Richard Castle to write his biopic is enough for me to adore his story, and kind of like all of the other absolutely fantastic side characters we got this season, I just really need him to come back and drive Castle as crazy as he drives everyone else.

Although Martha’s scenes always run a close second for my favorites, and her waking up in a movie star’s bed was totally up there. I feel so bad for her though. So many entertainment people have been dying around her lately! If I didn’t know where Castle’s unchecked enthusiasm came from, I’d be totally worried about her, but hell if she doesn’t deal with it as graceful as possible.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

And I really hope I’m not the only one who wanted to see more of Zane’s Hamlet because A) I just need to know how awful of an actor he REALLY was and B) Damn, boy was HAWT. Jonny Cruz, I’m watching you. Like I legit replayed his death scene a couple of times because UMPH he good looking. Also, yeah I know those first few seconds are supposed to show that he’s a bad actor because he can’t remember that it’s “tis,” but I need to see the full monologue. I just need it.

Also, how adorable is Ryan’s little girl! Like if this episode couldn’t be any more fun we got to see a little sunflower dance with her father, and it was just too precious for my soul.

All in all this was a pretty solid and pretty hilarious episode of Castle that I won’t soon forget….well neither will Richard. He did kind of get captured, saw about three people gunned down in front of him, and tripped a notorious drug lord.

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