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Castle 8×19 ‘Dead Again’: I need a hero

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And so does this show. While an enjoyable and highly entertaining episode with even an exciting push forward with the LOCKSAT story line, the fallout from Stana Katic and Tamala Jones leaving was especially palpable in this episode, and I just don’t see how this show can keep going.

Don’t get me wrong, Nathan Fillion by himself is an absolute delight. He and Johnathan Silverman were literal magic together, which made this episode so good. But really now, what is Castle without Beckett?

Their relationship has grown so beautifully over the years that having to say goodbye to just one of them seems more painful than if we had to say goodbye to both. But I digress.

This was another episode in a long line of episodes that had amazing side characters with pretty good plots, but with an almost too simple mystery to solve.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

Of course Castle freaking out over the fact that a mild-mannered safety man died three times and survived and could possibly be a superhero was absolutely adorable. Even more adorable though was the fact that Lanie was so upset that Alan wasn’t actually dead. Although sparks do seem to fly between those two by the end of the episode and they didn’t come from the bed that electrocuted Alan.

And I mean since Lanie is leaving anyway, I would not be sad if she ran off with Alan on some wild adventure by seasons end.

What I also can’t wait to end is of course the LOCKSAT mystery which was pretty intense tonight with that lawyer man threatening Beckett, but then he got soft and gave a huge piece of evidence that Beckett is going to use when the plot calls for it, so that was pretty underwhelming on a whole.

I did love that Maurice Benard made an appearance and was an excellent supervillain and kudos to whomever named the actual killer Gwen Parker because you are my new favorite person.

All in all it was a good episode in a long line of pretty good episodes, but I’m still fairly interested in seeing how the season ends.

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