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Castle 8×15 ‘Fidelis Ad Mortem’: Castle meets Quantico

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The intrigue, the cinematography, the character building! Are we sure this was an episode of Castle?

Wow, and I mean wow that was good. This episode managed to even make the whole LOCKSAT mess seem interesting, especially since both Castle and Beckett are FINALLY going to work together to bring LOCKSAT down.

But just that tension between Castle and Beckett was beautifully done this episode. And it actually seemed like Kate wanted to be in this episode for once this season. Stana’s performance was sharp, while still being a mostly internal struggle.

Source: ABC

Source: ABC

The external version of this struggle came from Decker, the Beckett-like recruit, and her dark secret that made her want to be a cop. I’ve been saying this all season, but I’ll say it again: the guest stars this season are absolutely wonderful, and have a lot of good stories attached to them. Decker though is the first one whose story I wanted to see play out more. I’d love to see her graduate and try to find ways to bring down her mobster father, so ABC get on that spin-off will ya?

The absolute highlight of this episode though was the camera work. Now, I don’t actually watch Quantico, but I know the story of this episode was kind of similar to the show, so I’m not sure if they were trying to emulate Quantico’s shooting style at all, but whatever they were doing was gorgeous.

The long shots of the introspective Beckett, and that parallel scene of Decker walking the same path as her slain boyfriend floored me. These are things that I wouldn’t expect from this show, but I honestly hope they put those beautiful touches into the rest of the season.

Again I say even LOCKSAT didn’t bring me down this episode. I’m actually pretty intrigued, and I’m glad that everything came out into the open with Castle and Beckett because I really hate when they keep secrets from each other.

All in all, we had a pretty strong episode this week, and I’m hoping we’ll see the same for the next couple of weeks.

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